Akademia Vortaro de Esperanto

The list of words in this dictionary is from the official Akademia Vortaro of the Esperanto Language Academy. The brief English definitions have been derived from a number of sources, including the Universala Vortaro by L.L. Zamenhof and the Esperanto-English Dictionary by Montagu C. Butler. This version includes words through the 9th Official Supplement (2007). — D.G. Simpson


-a [finaĵo] termination of adjectives
a [liternomo] name of the letter "a"
abat/ abbot
abdik/ abdicate, resign
abel/ bee
abi/ fir (type of tree)
abism/ abyss, chasm
abiturient/ secondary-school student
ablativ/ ablative
abnegaci/ self-denial
abomen/ abomination
abon/ subscribe
abort/ abort, miscarry
abrikot/ apricot
abrupt/ abrupt
absces/ abscess
absint/ wormwood (type of plant)
absolut/ absolute
absorb/ absorb
abstin/ abstain
abstrakt/ abstract
absurd/ absurd
abund/ abundant
acer/ maple (tree)
acid/ acid, sour
aĉ/ [sufikso] contemptible, wretched
aĉet/ buy
ad/ [sufikso] denotes duration of action
adapt/ adapt
adept/ adept
adiaŭ goodbye
adici/ add (arith.)
adjektiv/ adjective
adjutant/ adjutant (mil.)
administr/ administer
administraci/ administration
admir/ admire
admiral/ admiral
admiralitat/ admiralty
admon/ admonish, exhort, warn, scold
adopt/ adopt
ador/ adore, worship
adrenalin/ adrenaline
adres/ address (e.g. mailing address)
adult/ commit adultery
advent/ advent, arrival
adverb/ adverb
advokat/ lawyer
aer/ air
aerolit/ aerolite (stony meteorite)
aeroplan/ airplane
afabl/ kind, good-natured
afekt/ act affectedly, put on airs
afer/ affair, matter
afiks/ affix
afiŝ/ poster, sign
aflikt/ afflict, distress severely
aforism/ aphorism (concise statement of a principle)
afrank/ to prepay postage on
Afrik/ Africa
afust/ gun carriage (mil.)
ag/ act
agac/ grate, set on edge (teeth, etc.)
agat/ agate
agent/ agent
agit/ agitate, stir up
agl/ eagle
agoni/ death throes
agord/ tune (e.g. musical instrument)
agrabl/ pleasant, agreeable
agraf/ hook, clasp
agres/ to be the aggressor
agronom/ agronomist
agronomi/ agronomy
aĝ/ age
aĝi/ charge on currency exchange
aidos/ AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)
ajl/ garlic
ajn ever
aĵ/ [sufikso] made from or possessing the quality of
akaci/ acacia (tree)
akademi/ academy
akapar/ monopolize
akar/ mite, tick (insect)
akcel/ accelerate
akcent/ accent, stress
akcept/ accept, receive
akcesor/ accessory, additional
akci/ share (as of a stock)
akcident/ accident
akcipitr/ hawk
akciz/ excise tax
akir/ acquire
aklam/ acclaim
akn/ pimple, acne
akompan/ accompany
akord/ accord, agreement
akr/ sharp
akrid/ locust, grasshopper
akrobat/ acrobar
aks/ axle, axis
aksel/ armpit
aksiom/ axiom
akt/ act (theatrical or legal)
aktiv/ active
aktor/ actor
aktual/ present, current
akupunktur/ acupuncture
akurat/ prompt, on time
akuŝ/ be confined (in childbed) (intr.)
akut/ acute
akuz/ accuse
akuzativ/ accusative
akv/ water
akvafort/ etching, metal-plate engraving
akvarel/ watercolor (painting)
akvari/ aquarium
akvilegi/ columbine (plant)
al to
alabastr/ alabaster
alarm/ give alarm, rouse
alaŭd/ lark (bird)
Alban/ Albanian (people)
albin/ albino
album/ album
alcion/ kingfisher; halcyon (bird)
ald/ alto (singing voice)
ale/ tree-lined garden path
alegori/ allegory, figurative tale
Aleksandr/ Alexander
alen/ awl, punch
alergi/ allergy
alfabet/ alphabet
alg/ seaweed
algebr/ algebra
algoritm/ algorithm
Alĝeri/ Algeria
alĥemi/ alchemy
ali/ other
alibi/ alibi
aligator/ alligator
aline/ indentation at the beginning of a paragraph
alk/ elk
alkemi/ alchemy
alkohol/ alcohol
alkov/ alcove
almanak/ almanac
almenaŭ at least
almoz/ alms, something given to relieve the poor
aln/ alder (tree)
alo/ aloe
alt/ high
altar/ altar
alte/ marshmallow (plant)
altern/ alternate
alternativ/ alternative
alud/ allude to, mention in passing
alumet/ match (for starting a fire)
alumini/ aluminum
alun/ alum (chemical)
am/ love
amar/ bitter (to taste)
amas/ heap, pile, mass
amator/ amateur
ambasad/ diplomatic mission
ambasador/ ambassador
ambaŭ both
ambici/ ambitious
ambos/ anvil
ambr/ ambergris (substance from sperm whale)
ambrozi/ ambrosia
ambulanc/ ambulanco, field hospital
ameb/ amoeba
amel/ starch
amend/ ammend
Amerik/ America
ametist/ amethyst
amfibi/ amphibian
amfiteatr/ ampitheater
amfor/ amphora (ancient Greek two-handled vase)
amik/ friend
amnesti/ amnesty
amoniak/ ammonia
amor/ sexual love
amortiz/ amortize; progressively diminish
ampleks/ extent, size
ampol/ ampulla, bulbed container
amput/ amputate
amulet/ amulet, charm worn against evil
amuz/ amuse
an/ [sufikso] inhabitant, member
anagal/ pimpernel (plant)
anagram/ anagram
anakronism/ anachronism
analiz/ analyze
analog/ analogous
ananas/ pineapple
anapest/ anapest (metrical foot in verse)
anarĥi/ anarchy
anarki/ anarchy
anas/ duck
anatomi/ anatomy
anĉ/ reed (of a musical instrument)
anĉov/ spiced anchovy
anekdot/ anecdote
aneks/ annex
anemon/ anemone (flower)
angelik/ angelica (plant)
angil/ eel
angin/ angina
Angl/ [popolnomo] English (people)
angor/ anguish
angul/ angle, corner
anĝel/ angel
anilin/ aniline (chemical)
anim/ soul
animal/ animal
aniz/ anise (plant)
ankaŭ also
ankoraŭ yet, still
ankr/ anchor
Ann/ Anna
anomali/ anomaly
anonc/ announce, advertise
anonim/ anonymous
anser/ goose
anstataŭ instead of
ant/ [sufikso] ending of present active participle
Antarkt/ Antarctic; Antarctica
antaŭ before
anten/ antenna (zoological or radio)
antibiotik/ antibiotic
anticip/ anticipate
antikv/ antique, ancient
antilop/ antelope
antimon/ antimony
antipati/ antipathy
antipod/ antipode
antitez/ antithesis
antologi/ anthology
Anton/ Anthony
antropolog/ anthropologist
antropologi/ anthropology
Anunciaci/ Annunciation
anus/ anus
aort/ aorta
aparat/ apparatus
apart/ separate, special, apart, distinct
apartament/ apartment
aparten/ belong (to)
apati/ apathy
apelaci/ appeal (legal)
apenaŭ scarcely
aper/ appear
aperitiv/ apéritif
apertur/ aperature
apetit/ appetite
api/ wild celery (plant)
aplaŭd/ applaud
aplik/ apply, employ for special purpose
aplomb/ aplomb, composure, self-assurance
apog/ lean upon, support
apoge/ apogee
apokrif/ Apocrypha, apocryphal
apolog/ fable, animal story with a moral
apopleksi/ apoplexy, cerebral hemorrhage
apostol/ apostle
apostrof/ apostrophe
apotek/ pharmacy
apoteoz/ apotheosis, deification, deified ideal
apozici/ apposition (grammatical)
apr/ wild boar
April/ April
aprob/ approve
apud nearby
ar/ [sufikso] a collection of objects
Arab/ Arab (people)
arabesk/ arabesque (design or dance)
arane/ spider
aranĝ/ arrange
arb/ tree
arbalest/ crossbow
arbitr/ arbitrary
arbitraci/ arbitration
arbust/ shrub, bush
arĉ/ bow (violin, etc.)
ard/ ardent, fiery, hot
arde/ heron
ardez/ slate (rock)
are/ area
aren/ arena
areometr/ densimeter
arest/ arrest
argil/ clay
argument/ argument, reasoning advanced
arĝent/ silver
arĥaik/ archaic
arĥaism/ archaism, obsolete word or phrase
arĥeolog/ archeologist
arĥeologi/ archeology
arĥipelag/ archipelago
arĥitekt/ architect
arĥitektur/ archtecture
arĥiv/ archives
ari/ air, melody, tune, aria
aristokrat/ aristocrat
aristokrati/ aristocracy
aritmetik/ arithmetic
ark/ arc, curve
arkad/ arcade, archway
arkaik/ archaic
arkaism/ archaism, obsolete word or phrase
arkeolog/ archeologist
arkeologi/ archeology
arkipelag/ archipelago
arkitekt/ architect
arkitektur/ architecture
arkiv/ archives
Arkt/ Arctic
arleken/ harlequin
arm/ arm (against), equip with
arme/ army
Armen/ Armenian (people)
arnik/ arnica (plant)
arogant/ arrogant
arom/ aroma
arpeĝ/ arpeggio (music)
arsenik/ arsenic
art/ art
arteri/ artery
artifik/ artifice, contrivance
artik/ joint, articulation
artikol/ article (of commerce), commodity
artileri/ artillery
artiŝok/ artichoke
artrit/ arthritis
-as [finaĵo] ending of the present tense in verbs
as/ ace (in cards or dice)
asbest/ asbestos
asekur/ insure
asemble/ assembly (legislative)
asert/ assert
asesor/ assessor
asfalt/ asphalt
asign/ assign
asimil/ assimilate
asist/ assist (officially)
asoci/ association
asonanc/ assonance (in verse)
asparag/ asparagus
aspekt/ appear to be
asperg/ sprinkle
aspid/ asp (snake)
aspir/ aspire
aspirin/ aspirin
astm/ asthma
astr/ heavenly body
astrolog/ astrologer
astrologi/ astrology
astronom/ astronomer
astronomi/ astronomy
at/ [sufikso] ending of present passive participle
atak/ attack
atavism/ atavism, resemblance to ancestors
ateism/ atheism
ateist/ atheist
atenc/ make a criminal attempt against, assault
atend/ wait, expect
atent/ attentive
atest/ attest, witness to, testify, certify
ating/ attain, reach
Atlantik/ Atlantic
atlas/ [ŝtofo] satin, glossy silk fabric
atlas/ [maparo] atlas, collection of maps
atlet/ athlete
atmosfer/ atmosphere
atom/ atom
atribu/ attribute, ascribe, assign
atribut/ attribute, essential characteristic
atripl/ orach (plant)
atut/ trump (cards)
aŭd/ hear
aŭdac/ audacious, bold, daring
aŭdienc/ audience
aŭditori/ auditorium
aŭgur/ fortell by omens, forbode
Aŭgust/ [monatnomo] August
Aŭgust/ [vira nomo] (man's name)
aŭkci/ auction
aŭreol/ aureola, halo, glory, nimbus
aŭskult/ listen
Aŭstrali/ Australia
aŭt/ automobile
aŭtentik/ authentic
aŭtobiografi/ autobiography
aŭtobus/ bus (vehicle)
aŭtograf/ autograph
aŭtokrat/ autocrat, absolute ruler
aŭtokrati/ autocracy, absolute government
aŭtomat/ automaton; automatic
aŭtomobil/ automobile
aŭtonom/ autonomous
aŭtor/ author
aŭtoritat/ authority
aŭtun/ autumn, fall
av/ grandfather
avantaĝ/ advantage
avar/ greedy, avaricious
avel/ hazelnut
aven/ oats
aventur/ adventure
avenu/ avenue, wide tree-lined path to a house
avert/ warn, caution
aviad/ aviation
avid/ greedy, eager, hungry for
aviz/ a notice, notification, announcement
avokad/ avocado
azen/ ass, donkey
Azi/ Asia
azil/ asylum, place of refuge or safety
azot/ nitrogen


babil/ chatter, babble
bacil/ bacillus (rod-shaped bacterium)
bagatel/ trifle, something neglibible
bajonet/ bayonet
bak/ bake
bakteri/ bacterium
bal/ ball, dance
bala/ sweep, clean with a broom
balad/ ballad
balanc/ rock, swing
balast/ ballast
balbut/ stammer, stutter
baldaken/ hanging canopy (over a bed, throne, etc.)
baldaŭ soon
balen/ whale
balet/ ballet
balistik/ ballistics, science of projectiles
balkon/ balcony
balon/ balloon
balot/ vote by ballot, secret vot
balustrad/ banisters (of a staircase, etc.), handrail
balzam/ balsam (substance)
balzamin/ balsam (plant)
bambu/ bamboo
ban/ bathe
banal/ banal, commonplace, trite
banan/ banana
band/ band, gang, group of people
bandaĝ/ bandage
banderol/ ribbon-like scroll, band, streamer
bandit/ bandit, outlaw
bank/ bank (firm or building)
banked/ banquet
bankier/ banker
bankrot/ bankrupt
bant/ knot, bow (of a ribbon, etc.)
bapt/ baptize
bar/ bar, obstruct
barak/ barracks
barakt/ struggle against, contend with, grapple with
barb/ beard
barbar/ barbarian
barbir/ barber
barĉ/ borsch (Russian beet-root soup)
bard/ bard (poet)
barel/ keg, barrel, cask
barelief/ bas-relief (low-relief sculpture)
barier/ barrier
barikad/ barricade
bariton/ baritone (singing voice)
bark/ bark (small sailing ship)
barometr/ barometer
baron/ baron
bas/ bass (singing voice)
basen/ basin (wide space for water)
bask/ basque (a tight-fitting bodice for women)
baskul/ rocker, see-saw
bast/ bast, inner bark (of a tree)
bastard/ bastard
bastion/ bastion, bulwark, defense stronghold (military)
baston/ stick, staff
bat/ beat, strike
batal/ do battle, fight
batalion/ battalion
bateri/ battery (military or electrical)
batist/ batiste (type of fabric)
baz/ base, basis, starting point
bazalt/ basalt (rock)
bazar/ bazaar, oriental marketplace
bazilik/ basilica (type of building)
bazilisk/ basilisk (type of lizard)
beb/ baby, babe
bed/ bed (garden)
bedaŭr/ regret, be sorry for
bek/ beak, bill (of a bird)
bel/ beautiful
beladon/ belladonna (plant)
beletr/ belles-lettres
beletristik/ belles-lettres, literary works
Belg/ Belgian (people)
bemol/ flat (music)
ben/ bless
bend/ band, tape, ribbon
benk/ bench
benzin/ gasoline
ber/ berry
beril/ beryl (mineral)
Berlin/ Berlin
Bert/ Bertha
best/ animal, beast
bet/ beet
beton/ concrete
betul/ birch (tree)
bezon/ need, require
Bibli/ Bible
bibliograf/ bibliographer
bibliografi/ bibliography
bibliotek/ library
bicikl/ bicycle
bien/ estate, grounds
bier/ beer, ale
bifstek/ beef-steak
bigot/ bigoted, intolerant, narrow-minded
bilanc/ balance (accounting)
bilard/ billiards
bild/ picture
bilet/ ticket
bind/ bind (books, etc.)
binokl/ binoculars
biograf/ biographer
biografi/ biography
biolog/ biologist
biologi/ biology
bird/ bird
biret/ biretta (clerical cap)
Birm/ Burmese (people)
bis encore (interjection)
biskvit/ cracker
bismut/ bismuth
bisturi/ small slender knife (surgical)
bit/ bit (computing); bitoko=byte
bitum/ bitumen (substance)
bivak/ bivouac, encampment
bizon/ bison
blank/ white
blasfem/ blaspheme
blat/ cockroach
blazon/ coat of arms, heraldic shield
blek/ sound made by an animal
blind/ blind, sightless
blok/ block, boulder, chunk
blokad/ blockade
blond/ blonde, fair
blov/ blow (as the wind, etc.)
blu/ blue
bluf/ bluff (verb)
bluz/ blouse
bo/ [prefikso] relation by marriage
bo [liternomo] name of the letter "b"
boa/ boa (snake)
boac/ reindeer
boat/ boat
boben/ bobbin, spool
boj/ bark (dog's)
bojkot/ boycott
boks/ box, spar (as in boxing)
bol/ boil, bubble up (as water)
Bolivi/ Bolivia
bomb/ bomb
bombard/ bombard
bombast/ bombast, pretentious inflated talk or writing
bombon/ a sweet, confection, bonbon
bon/ good
bor/ bore, drill, burrow; boron
boraks/ borax (chemical)
bord/ border, boundary, shore
bordel/ brothel
border/ border, edge, fringe
bors/ stock exchange
bosk/ grove (of trees, etc.)
bot/ boot
botanik/ botany
botel/ bottle
bov/ ox
bovl/ bowl, large basin
bracelet/ bracelet
bradip/ sloth (animal)
brak/ arm
bram/ bream (type of fish)
braman/ Brahman (Hindu priest)
bran/ bran
branĉ/ branch (of a tree)
brand/ brandy
brank/ gill (of a fish)
brasik/ cabbage
brav/ capable, worthy, valiant
Brazil/ Brazil
breĉ/ breach, gap, opening
bred/ breed, propogate, raise
brems/ brake (of an automobile, etc.)
bret/ shelf
brid/ bridle (as for a horse)
brigad/ brigade (military)
brik/ brick, ingot
bril/ shine
briliant/ a faceted gem
brit/ Brit (resident of Britain)
broĉ/ broach, ornamental pin
brod/ embroider
brog/ scald
brokant/ deal in used goods, barter
brokol/ broccoli
brom/ bromine (chemical)
bronk/ bronchial tube
bronkit/ bronchitis
bronz/ bronze
bros/ brush
broŝur/ brochure
brov/ eyebrow
bru/ noise
brul/ burn, be on fire
brun/ brown
brust/ breast, chest
brut/ brute, beast
bub/ boy, lad, urchin
bubal/ buffalo (of India)
buĉ/ butcher, slaughter
bud/ booth, kiosk
budĝet/ budget, estimate
buduar/ boudoir, lady's small private room
buf/ toad
bufed/ buffet
buĝet/ budget, estimate
buk/ buckle, clasp
buked/ bouquet
bukl/ curl, lock, wisp (as of hair)
buks/ box (type of tree)
bul/ lump, clod, ball
bulb/ bulb (as of a plant)
Bulgar/ Bulgarian (people)
buljon/ bouillon, broth
bulk/ roll (bread)
Bulonj/ Boulogne (French city name)
bulten/ bulletin
bulvard/ boulevard, wide tree-lined street
burd/ bumblebee
burĝ/ citizen, freeman, commoner
burĝon/ bud (of a plant)
burlesk/ burlesque
burnus/ hooded Arabian cloak
burokrat/ bureaucrat
bust/ bust (anatomy)
buŝ/ mouth
buŝel/ bushel
buter/ butter
butik/ small shop, boutique
buton/ button


car/ czar
ced/ yield, give up
cedr/ cedar (tree)
cejan/ cornflower, bachelor's button (plant)
cel/ aim, goal
celeri/ celery
celuloz/ cellulose
cement/ cement
cend/ cent (money)
cent hundred
centigram/ centigram
centilitr/ centiliter
centim/ centimo (money)
centimetr/ centimeter
centr/ center, middle
central/ central (station, etc.)
centraliz/ centralize
cenzur/ censor
cep/ onion
ceramik/ ceramics
cerb/ brain
ceremoni/ ceremony
cert/ certain, sure
cerv/ deer
ceter/ rest, remainder
ci thou
cic/ nipple
cidoni/ quince, fruit of the quince tree
cidr/ cider
cifer/ cipher, digit, numerical figure
cigan/ gypsy
cigar/ cigar
cigared/ cigarette
cign/ swan
cikad/ cicada (insect)
cikatr/ scar
cikl/ cycle, recurrent period of events
ciklon/ cyclone
ciklop/ cyclops
cikoni/ stork
cikori/ chicory (plant)
cikut/ cowbane (plant)
cilindr/ cylinder
cim/ bed bug (insect)
cimbal/ cymbal
cinabr/ cinnabar (mineral)
cinam/ cinnamon
cindr/ ash, cinder
cinik/ cynic
cipres/ cypress
cir/ polish, polishing wax (for floors, shoes, etc.)
cirk/ circus
cirkel/ compass (instrument for drawing circles)
cirkl/ circle
cirkonstanc/ circumstance
cirkul/ circulate, flow around
cirkuler/ circular (letter, notice, etc.)
cirkumcid/ circumcise
cirkumfleks/ circumflex (^)
cirkvit/ circuit (e.g. electrical)
cistern/ cistern, reservoir, tank
cit/ cite, quote, name
citadel/ citadel, fortress guarding a city
citr/ cither (musical instrument)
citron/ lemon
civil/ civil, civilian
civiliz/ civilize
civilizaci/ civilization
civit/ city
co [liternomo] name of the letter "c"
col/ inch


ĉagren/ afflict, distress; vex, annoy
ĉam/ chamoise (a goat-like antelope)
ĉambelan/ chamberlain
ĉambr/ room, chamber
ĉampan/ champagne
ĉampion/ champion
ĉan/ cock (of a gun)
ĉap/ cap, bonnet
ĉapel/ hat
ĉapitr/ chapter (of a book)
ĉar/ cart, wagon
ĉar because, for, since
ĉarlatan/ charlatan
ĉarm/ charming
ĉarnir/ hinge
ĉarpent/ do carpenter's work
ĉarpi/ lint, soft cotton material for a wound
ĉas/ chase, hunt, pursue
ĉasi/ chassis
ĉast/ chaste
ĉe at
ĉef/ [prefikso] chief (adj.), head
ĉek/ check (for money)
ĉel/ cell, compartment
ĉemiz/ shirt
ĉen/ chain
ĉeriz/ cherry
ĉerk/ coffin
ĉerp/ draw (water, etc.)
ĉes/ cease, desist
ĉeval/ horse
ĉevron/ rafter, beam
ĉi denotes proximity
ĉia every, every kind of
ĉial for every reason
ĉiam always
ĉie everywhere
ĉiel/ sky, heaven
ĉiel in every manner
ĉies everyone's
ĉif/ crease, crumple, rumple, wrinkle
ĉifon/ rag, tatter, scrap, shred
ĉifr/ cipher, code, secret writing
ĉikan/ quibble, haggle over
ĉimpanz/ chimpanzee
ĉin/ inhabitant of China
ĉio everything
ĉiom all, the whole quantity
ĉirkaŭ around
ĉiu each, every one
ĉiz/ chisel, carve
ĉj/ [sufikso] affectionate diminutive of masculine names
ĉo [liternomo] name of the letter "ĉ"
ĉokolad/ chocolate
ĉu whether


da is used instead of "de" after words expressing weight or measure
daktil/ date (fruit)
dali/ dahlia (plant)
dam/ king (in checkers); queen (in chess or cards)
damask/ damask (type of fabric)
Dan/ Danish (people)
danc/ dance
dand/ dandy, a man who gives exaggerated attention to dress
danĝer/ danger
dank/ thank
dat/ date
dativ/ dative
datur/ datura (plant)
daŭr/ continue
de of, from
debat/ debate, discuss formally
debet/ debit, to charge against
dec/ be fitting, proper
Decembr/ December
decid/ decide
decigram/ decigram
decilitr/ deciliter
decimal/ decimal, base 10
decimetr/ decimeter
deĉifr/ decipher
dediĉ/ dedicate
dedukt/ deduce
defend/ defend
defi/ defy; challenge
deficit/ deficit
definitiv/ definitive
degel/ thaw, melt away
degener/ degenerate
degrad/ degrade
deĵor/ be on duty
dek ten
dekadenc/ decadence
dekagram/ dekagram
dekalitr/ dekaliter
dekametr/ dekameter
dekan/ dean (eccesiastical or of a college)
deklam/ declaim, speak rhetorically
deklar/ declare, make known
deklaraci/ declaration, announcement, proclamation
deklinaci/ decline (grammer)
dekliv/ declivity, slope, slant
dekolt/ expose neck and shoulders, low-cut
dekoraci/ decorate, embellish
dekret/ decree, enactment, fiat
dekstr/ right-hand
deleg/ delegate, authorize as agent
delegaci/ delegation
delfen/ dolphin
delikat/ delicate
delir/ be delirious, rave
delt/ delta
demagog/ demagogue, agitator
demagogi/ demagogy, make false claims to gain power
demand/ ask (a question), enquire
demografi/ demography; demographics
demokrat/ democrat, an adherent of democracy
demokrati/ democracy
demon/ demon
demonstraci/ make a demonstration by public meeting
demonstrativ/ demonstrative
denar/ denarius (Roman coin)
dens/ dense
dent/ tooth
denunc/ denounce, accuse, inform against
departement/ department
depeŝ/ dispatch, offical communication, urgent message
depon/ deposit, entrust, store
deput/ depute, appoint as a substitute or representative
deriv/ derive
des the (ju…des = the…the)
desegn/ design, depict, draw
desert/ dessert
despot/ despot, absolute or tyrannical ruler
destin/ destine; destiny; destination
detal/ detail, minutia
detektiv/ detective
determin/ determine, ascertain precisely
detru/ destroy
dev/ duty, obligation; ought, must
deviz/ device, emblematic or heraldic design
dezert/ desert
dezir/ desire, want, wish for
Di/ God
diabet/ diabetes
diabl/ devil
diadem/ diadem, crown
diafan/ diaphanous, semi-transparent, translucent
diafragm/ diaphram
diagnoz/ diagnose
diagonal/ diagonal
diakon/ deacon
dialekt/ dialect
dialektik/ dialectic (reasoning by dialog)
dialog/ dialog
diamant/ diamond
diametr/ diameter
diant/ pink
diapazon/ diapason (standard pitch in music)
diboĉ/ live in debauchery, excess
didaktik/ didactic, meant to instruct
didelf/ opossum
dies/ sharp (music)
diet/ diet, habitual food
difekt/ damage, injure
diferenc/ differ
difin/ define
difteri/ diphtheria
difterit/ diphtheria
diftong/ diphthong
dig/ dike, dam, levee, embankment
digest/ digest
dign/ dignity
dik/ thick, fat, stout
dikt/ dictate
diktator/ dictator
dilem/ dilemma
diletant/ dilettante, dabbler
diligent/ diligent
diluv/ deluge, great flood
dimanĉ/ Sunday
dimensi/ dimension
dinamik/ dynamics
dinamit/ dynamite
dinamometr/ dynamometer
dinasti/ dynasty
diplom/ diploma
diplomat/ diplomat
diplomati/ diplomacy
dir/ say
direkt/ direct, steer
direktor/ director
dis/ [prefikso] denotes separation
disciplin/ discipline, rules for conduct
disĉipl/ disciple
disenteri/ dysentery
disk/ disk
diskont/ discount, rebate, deduction
diskret/ discreet, cautious
diskriminaci/ discriminate (by race, etc.)
diskut/ discuss, debate, deliberate
dispepsi/ indigestion
dispon/ have available (at one's disposal)
disput/ dispute
distanc/ distance
distil/ distil
disting/ distinguish, differentiate
distr/ distract, divert
distribu/ distribute, give out, dispense, issue
distrikt/ district
ditiramb/ dithyramb; inflated vehement writing, speech or verse
divan/ oriental council; ottoman
diven/ divine, guess, conjecture
divers/ various, diverse
divid/ divide, separate, break up
divizi/ division (military)
dizert/ desert (military)
do then, indeed, however
do [liternomo] name of the letter "d"
dog/ mastiff (type of dog)
dogan/ customs (as in traveling from one country to another)
dogm/ dogma, principle, tenet
dok/ dock (place for ships)
doktor/ doctor (title)
doktrin/ doctrine
dokument/ document, written statement
dolar/ dollar
dolĉ/ sweet
dolor/ pain
dom/ house
domaĝ/ wish to keep intact or unspoiled; fear to damage
domen/ domino
don/ give
donac/ donate
dorlot/ spoil, pamper, over-indulge
dorm/ sleep
dorn/ thorn
dors/ back (anatomy)
dot/ dowry
doz/ dose (as of medicine)
dragon/ dragoon (military)
drak/ dragon
drakm/ drachma (money)
dram/ drama
drap/ woolen cloth
drapir/ drape, hang cloth over
drast/ drastic
draŝ/ thresh (grain)
drat/ wire
dres/ train (person or animal)
drink/ drink (alcohol) to excess
driv/ drift
drog/ drug, medical substance
dromedar/ dromedary (Arabian camel)
dron/ drown
du two
dualism/ dualism
dub/ doubt
duel/ duel, contest
duet/ duet
duk/ duke
dukat/ ducat (type of coin)
dum while
dung/ employ, hire, engage
duŝ/ douche


-e [finaĵo] ending of adverbs
e [liternomo] name of the letter "e"
eben/ even, level
ebl/ [sufikso] able, possible
ebon/ ebony (wood)
ebri/ drunk, intoxicated
ebur/ ivory
ec/ [sufikso] denotes qualities
 even (adv.)
Eden/ Eden
edif/ edify, benefit spiritually
edikt/ edict, proclamation by authority
eduk/ educate
edz/ husband
efekt/ effect, strong impression
efektiv/ real, actual
efemer/ may-fly (insect); ephemeral, short-lived
efik/ have effect upon, be effective
eg/ [sufikso] denotes increase of degree
egal/ equal
egid/ aegis, shield, protection
egoism/ egoism, self-interest
egoist/ egoist, adherent of egoism
eĥ/ echo
ej/ [sufikso] place where an action occurs
ek/ [prefikso] denotes a sudden or momentary action
ekip/ equip, furnish
eklezi/ church, body of believers
eklips/ eclipse
eklog/ eclogue, short pastoral poem
ekologi/ ecology
ekonomi/ economy
ekran/ (a) screen, guard, shield
eks/ [prefikso] ex-, late
ekscelenc/ Excellency (title)
eksces/ excess, intemperance
ekscit/ excite
ekskluziv/ exclusive
ekskomunik/ excommunicate
ekskrement/ excrement
ekskurs/ excursion
eksped/ dispatch, forward, send off
eksperiment/ experiment
eksplod/ explode
ekspluat/ exploit
eksport/ export
ekspozici/ exhibition
ekspres/ express, very rapid, for special purpose
ekstaz/ ecstacy, delight, rapture
ekster outside, out of
eksterm/ exterminate
ekstr/ extra, additional
ekstrakt/ extract
ekstrem/ extreme
ekvaci/ equation, formula
Ekvador/ Ecuador
ekvator/ equator
ekvilibr/ equilibrium
ekzakt/ exact, precise
ekzamen/ examine, test
ekzekut/ execute, put to death
ekzem/ eczema
ekzempl/ example
ekzempler/ copy (of a book, etc.)
ekzerc/ exercise, practice (vb.)
ekzil/ exile, banish
ekzist/ exist
el from, out from
elast/ elastic
elefant/ elephant
elegant/ elegant
elegi/ elegy, song of lamentation
elekt/ elect, choose
elektr/ electricity
elektronik/ electronics
element/ element
elf/ elf
eliksir/ elixir
elips/ ellipse
Elizabet/ Elizabeth
elizi/ elide, omit syllable or vowel
elokvent/ eloquent
em/ [sufikso] inclined to
emajl/ enamel
emancip/ emancipate, set free
embaras/ embarrass
emblem/ emblem
embri/ embryo
embusk/ ambush
emerit/ emeritus, ex-official
emfaz/ emphasis
Emili/ Emily
eminenc/ Eminence (title)
eminent/ eminent, distinguished, exalted
emoci/ emotion
empiri/ empirical
emulsi/ emulsion
en in (when followed by the accusative—into)
enciklopedi/ encyclopedia
end/ [sufikso] that which must be done
endivi/ endive (plant)
energi/ energy
enigm/ enigma, puzzle
enket/ official inquiry, investigation
entomolog/ entomologist
entomologi/ entomology (study of insects)
entrepren/ undertake, agree to do
entuziasm/ enthusiasm
enu/ be bored, weary
envi/ envy
epidemi/ epidemic
epiderm/ epidermis
Epifani/ Epiphany
epigraf/ epigraph (an engraved inscription)
epigram/ epigram (short poem or saying with witty ending)
epilepsi/ epilepsy
epilog/ epilogue, final part of a literary work
episkop/ bishop
epitet/ epithet (a characterizing word or phrase)
epizod/ episode
epok/ epoch
epolet/ epaulette, shoulder-piece
epope/ epic poem
er/ [sufikso] one of many objects of the same kind
erar/ err, be mistaken
erik/ heath (plant)
erinac/ hedgehog
erizipel/ erysipelas (a disease)
ermen/ ermine (type of weasel)
ermit/ hermit
Ernest/ Ernest
erotik/ erotic
erp/ harrow (farm implement)
erudici/ erudition, learning, profound scholarship
erupci/ erupt
escept/ except
esenc/ essence
eskadr/ squadron
eskap/ escape
eskort/ escort
esper/ hope
Esperant/ [lingvonomo] Esperanto
esplor/ explore
esprim/ express (by word, gesture, etc.)
est/ be
establ/ establish, found
estetik/ aesthetics
estim/ esteem
esting/ extinguish
Eston/ Estonian (people)
estr/ [sufikso] chief, boss
estrad/ platform, stage
eŝafod/ scaffold (for executions)
et/ [sufikso] denotes dimunition of degree
etaĝ/ floor, story (of a house)
etap/ stage, place along a journey, stopping-place
etat/ register, list, inventory, statment (financial, etc.)
etend/ extend
eter/ ether
etern/ eternal
etik/ ethics
etiked/ label, tag
etiket/ etiquette
etimolog/ etymologist
etimologi/ etymology (study of word origins)
etiolog/ etiologist
etiologi/ etiology (study of the causes of disease)
Etiop/ Ethiopian (people)
etn/ ethnicity
etnograf/ ethnographist
etnografi/ ethnography (systematic recording of human cultures)
etnologi/ ethnology
etos/ ethos, characteristic atmosphere
eŭfemism/ euphemism
eŭkalipt/ eucalyptus
eŭkaristi/ eucharist, the Lord's supper
eŭnuk/ eunuch
eŭr/ euro (money)
Eŭrop/ Europe
evangeli/ gospel
event/ event
eventual/ contingent
evident/ evident, obvious
evit/ avoid, elude
evolu/ evolve, develop
evoluci/ evolve, develop
ezofag/ esophagus (anatomy)
ezok/ pike (type of fish)


fab/ bean
fabel/ fairy-tale
fabl/ fable, animal story with a moral
fabrik/ factory
fac/ face, outer surface (of a clock, coin, etc.)
facet/ facet
facil/ easy
faden/ a thread
fag/ beech (tree)
fagot/ bassoon
fajenc/ china, crockery, earthenware
fajf/ whistle, make whistling sound
fajl/ file (as with a wood file, etc.)
fajr/ fire
fak/ department, specialty
fakir/ fakir (type of Muslim monk)
faksimil/ facsimile
fakt/ fact
faktor/ factor
faktur/ invoice
fakultat/ faculty (as of a college)
fal/ fall
falang/ phalanx
falbal/ flounce, a strip of pleated fabric attached by one edge
falĉ/ mow, reap, cut (grass, etc.)
fald/ fold, pleat (vb.)
falk/ falcon
fals/ falsify
fam/ fame, rumor, report
famili/ family
familiar/ familiar, friendly
fanatik/ fanatical
fand/ smelt by heat, blend, fuse, liquify
fanfar/ fanfare, flourish (music)
fanfaron/ boast, brag
fantazi/ fantasy
fantom/ ghost, phantom
far/ do, make
farb/ coloring, pigment
farĉ/ stuffing, dressing (food)
faring/ pharynx
farm/ to lease land for farming
farmaci/ pharmaceutics
fars/ farce, mockery
fart/ be (well or unwell)
farun/ flour, meal
fasad/ facade, face of a building
fask/ bundle, bunch, cluster
fason/ fashion, make, cut (of clothes, etc.)
fast/ to fast, abstain from food
fatal/ fatal
faŭk/ jaws
fav/ favus (type of skin disease)
favor/ favor, generous treatment, goodwill, kindness
faz/ phase
fazan/ pheasant
fazeol/ kidney bean
fe/ fairy
febr/ fever
Februar/ February
feĉ/ dregs, grounds, sediment
feder/ federate
federaci/ federation
fek/ defecate
fel/ hide, fur, pelt (of an animal)
feliĉ/ happy
felieton/ feuilleton, literary feature printed in installments
felt/ felt (cloth)
feminism/ feminism
feminist/ feminist
femur/ thigh, femur
fend/ split
fenestr/ window
feniks/ phoenix
fenkol/ fennel (plant)
fenomen/ phenomenon
fer/ iron
ferdek/ deck (of ship)
feri/ holiday, vacation
ferm/ close, shut
ferment/ ferment
fervor/ fervor, zeal, ardor
fest/ celebrate
festen/ feast, banquet
festival/ festival
feston/ festoon (decorative hanging chain or strip)
fetiĉ/ fetish
feŭd/ feudal
fi shameful (often used as prefix)
fiakr/ carriage for hire
fianĉ/ betrothed (engaged) person
fiask/ fiasco, breakdown, failure
fibr/ fiber
fid/ trust, have faith
fidel/ faithful
fier/ proud
fig/ fig
figur/ figure, image
fikci/ fiction
fiks/ fix, fasten, make fast, secure
fiktiv/ fictitious
fil/ son
filantrop/ philanthropist
filantropi/ philanthropy
fili/ branch (as of a business)
filik/ fern
film/ film (as of a movie or photograph)
filolog/ philologist
filologi/ philology (study of literature)
filozof/ philosopher
filozofi/ philosophy
filtr/ filter, strain
fin/ finish, conclude, end
final/ finale (music or theater)
financ/ finance
fingr/ finger
firm/ firm, stable, steady
fisk/ public treasury
fistul/ fistula (type of ulcer)
fiŝ/ fish
fizik/ physics
fiziolog/ physiologist
fiziologi/ physiology
fizionomi/ physionomy (facial characteristics and expressions)
fjord/ fjord
flag/ flag
flagr/ flicker, flare (as a flame)
flam/ flame
flan/ thin flat pastry
flanel/ flannel
flank/ side
flar/ smell, perceive by the nose
flat/ flatter
flav/ yellow
fleg/ nurse, look after, tend
flegm/ phlegmatic cold-blooded, impassive
fleks/ (cause to) flex, bend, curve, bow
fleksi/ inflection (grammar)
flik/ patch, darn, mend, repair
flirt/ flit, flutter (as e.g. a bird or butterfly)
flok/ flake, fluff, lock, wisp
flor/ flower, bloom, blossom (vb.)
floren/ florin (type of coin)
flos/ a raft, float
flu/ flow
flug/ fly (vb.)
fluid/ fluid
flustr/ whisper
flut/ flute (musical instrument)
fo [liternomo] name of the letter "f"
foir/ fair, market (commerce)
foj/ time (e.g. three times etc.)
fojn/ hay
fok/ seal (animal)
fokus/ focus
foli/ leaf, sheet (of a plant or paper)
folklor/ folklore
fon/ background
fond/ found, establish
fonetik/ phonetics
fonograf/ phonograph
font/ source (as of a well, spring, etc.)
fontan/ fountain (artificial)
for away, forth, off
forges/ forget
forĝ/ forge, work in metal
fork/ fork
form/ form, shape
formal/ formal
format/ format
formik/ ant
formul/ formula
forn/ stove, furnace, oven
fort/ strong
fortepian/ pianoforte
fortik/ firm, solid, durable, robust
forum/ forum
fos/ dig
fosfor/ phosphorus
fost/ post, stake, pole
fot/ photograph
fotel/ armchair
fotograf/ photograph
fotografi/ photography
frag/ strawberry
fragment/ fragment
fraj/ spawn, collection of eggs (as of fish)
frak/ dress-coat
frakas/ shatter, smash
frakci/ fraction
fraksen/ ash (tree)
fram/ framework, base structure
framason/ freemason
framb/ raspberry
Franc/ [popolnomo] French (people)
frand/ be fond of, enjoy, like, have a taste for
frangol/ alder buck-thorn (plant)
franĝ/ fringe, ornamental border
frank/ franc (French money)
frap/ hit, knock (vb.)
frat/ brother
fraŭl/ bachelor
fraz/ sentence (grammar)
fregat/ frigate (type of ship)
fremd/ foreign
frenez/ mad, crazy
fresk/ fresco, painting on wet plaster
freŝ/ fresh
fring/ chaffinch (type of bird)
fringel/ siskin (type of bird)
fripon/ rascal, rogue, knave
fris/ frieze (decorative band, or coarse fabric)
frit/ fry
frivol/ frivolous
friz/ curl, crimp wave (hair, etc.)
fromaĝ/ cheese
front/ front, foremost part
fronton/ fronton (architectural)
frost/ frost
frot/ rub
fru/ early
frugileg/ rook (type of bird)
frukt/ fruit
frunt/ forehead
frustr/ frustrate
ftiz/ phthisis, consumption, tuberculosis
fuĝ/ flee, run away
fuk/ focus (species of brown algae)
fulg/ soot
fulm/ lightning
fum/ smoke
fund/ bottom
fundament/ foundation
funebr/ mourning
funel/ funnel
fung/ fungus; mushroom
funkci/ function, act, operate, work
funt/ pound (weight)
furaĝ/ forage, fodder, food for animals
Furi/ Fury, godess of vengeance
furioz/ furious, raging
furor/ furor, craze, sensation
furunk/ furuncle, boil (medicine)
furz/ flatulate
fusten/ fustian (type of cloth)
fuŝ/ bungle, blunder, botch
fut/ foot (measure)


gad/ cod (type of fish)
gaj/ merry, cheerful
gajl/ gall (swelling of plant tissue)
gajn/ gain
gal/ bile, gall
galaksi/ galaxy
galant/ snowdrop (type of plant)
galanteri/ toiletries
galantin/ galantine (cold chopped meat dish)
galer/ galley (type of ship)
galeri/ gallery
galon/ cord, lace
galop/ gallop
galoŝ/ galosh, overshoe
gam/ gamut, full range
gamaŝ/ gaiter, spats (type of foot covering)
gangli/ ganglion
gangren/ gangrene
gant/ glove
garaĝ/ garage
garanti/ guarantee, promise, pledge
garb/ sheaf, bundle, cluster
gard/ guard, watch over
gardeni/ gardenia (type of plant)
gargar/ rinse, gargle
garn/ garnish, adorn, decorate
garnitur/ equipment, accessories, gear
garnizon/ garrison
garol/ jay (type of bird)
gas/ gas (state of matter)
gast/ guest
gaz/ gauze
gazel/ gazelle
gazet/ magazine
ge/ [prefikso] of both sexes
gelaten/ gelatine
gem/ gem, jewel
gen/ gene
gencian/ gentian (type of plant)
genealog/ genealogist
genealogi/ genealogy
generaci/ generation (as of a family)
general/ general (military)
geni/ genius
genist/ gorse (type of plant)
genitiv/ genetive
genot/ genet (type of animal)
genr/ gender
gent/ people, race, kind, genus
genu/ knee
geodezi/ geodesy
geograf/ geographer
geografi/ geography
geolog/ geologist
geologi/ geology
geometr/ geometer
geometri/ geometry
Georg/ George
gerani/ geranium (type of plant)
German/ German (people)
gerundi/ gerund (grammar)
gest/ gesture
giĉet/ guichet (small viewing door; ticket office; counter)
gigant/ giant
gilotin/ guillotine
gimnastik/ gymnastics
gimnazi/ type of public school
gips/ gypsum
girland/ garland, wreath
gitar/ guitar
glaci/ ice
glad/ iron (clothes)
gladiator/ gladiator
glan/ acorn
gland/ gland
glas/ drinking glass
glat/ smooth, glossy (not rough)
glav/ sword
glazur/ glaze
glicerin/ glycerin
gliciriz/ licorice (type of plant)
glikoz/ glucose
glim/ mica
glis/ glide (aviation)
glit/ glide, skate, slide
glob/ globe
glor/ glory
glu/ glue
glukoz/ glucose
glut/ swallow, absorb
gnom/ gnome
go [liternomo] name of the letter "g"
gobi/ gudgeon (type of fish)
golf/ gulf
gondol/ gondola, Venetian canal-boat
gorĝ/ throat
goril/ gorilla
gotik/ Gothic
graci/ graceful, charming, elegant
grad/ degree, grade
graf/ earl, count
grafik/ graphics (art, computer, etc.)
grafit/ graphite
grafolog/ handwriting expert
grafologi/ graphology (study of handwriting)
grajn/ grain, small seed
gram/ gram
gramatik/ grammar
gramofon/ gramophone, phonograph
granat/ pomegranate (type of fruit)
grand/ large
grandioz/ grandiose
granit/ granite
gras/ grease, fat
grat/ scratch, claw, scrape
gratul/ congratulate
grav/ important
graved/ pregnant
gravur/ engrave
greg/ herd, drove, flock (of anmimals)
Grek/ Greek (people)
gren/ grain (as for making meal or flour)
grenad/ grenade
gri/ hulled grain (such as oats)
grifel/ slate-pencil; engraving pencil
gril/ cricket (type of insect)
grimac/ grimace
grimp/ climb
grinc/ make a grinding noise, creak, grate, squeak
grip/ influenza
griz/ grey
grog/ grog (drink of rum and water)
gros/ gooseberry (type of fruit)
groŝ/ groschen (type of coin)
grot/ grotto, artificial cavern
grotesk/ grotesque
gru/ crane (type of bird)
grumbl/ grumble
grund/ ground, earth, soil
grup/ group
gruz/ gravel, coarse sand
guberni/ type of administrative district
gudr/ tar
guf/ eagle owl (type of bird)
gujav/ guava
gulden/ gulden (type of coin)
gum/ gum, resinous material
gurd/ street organ, hurdy-gurdy
gust/ taste
gut/ drop
gutaperk/ gutta-percha (type of latex)
guvern/ teach privately (act as tutor)
gvardi/ guard (military guard)
Gvatemal/ Guatemala
gvid/ guide
Gvine/ Guinea


ĝarden/ garden
ĝem/ groan
ĝemel/ twin
ĝen/ bother, annoy, disturb
ĝendarm/ gendarem, armed policeman
ĝeneral/ general, relating to nearly all
ĝentil/ polite, courteous
ĝerm/ germ
ĝi it
ĝib/ hump
ĝin/ gin (type of liquor)
ĝir/ endorse (as a check)
ĝiraf/ giraffe
ĝis up to, until
ĝo [liternomo] name of the letter "ĝ"
ĝoj/ rejoice, be glad
ĝu/ enjoy
ĝust/ right, accurate, exact, correct


ha ah, alas
hajl/ hail
hak/ chop, hew
hal/ hall (market, etc.)
haladz/ noxious, bad-smelling fumes; stench
halebard/ halberd (type of weapon)
halt/ halt, stop
hamak/ hammock
hamstr/ hamster
hangar/ hangar (as for airplanes)
har/ hair
hard/ harden, toughen
harem/ harem
haring/ herring
harmoni/ harmony
harmonik/ harmonica
harmonium/ reed organ
harp/ harp
harpi/ harpy; ill-natured woman
harpun/ harpoon
haŭt/ skin (e.g. human skin)
hav/ have
haven/ port, harbor
hazard/ chance, random
he hey
Hebre/ Hebrew
heder/ ivy
hegemoni/ hegemony, predominance, supremacy
heĝ/ hedge (of bushes)
hejm/ home
hejt/ to heat, fire, stoke
hekatomb/ slaughter of many people
heksametr/ hexameter (in verse)
hektar/ hectare
hektogram/ hectogram
hektolitr/ hectoliter
hektometr/ hectometer
hel/ bright; light; clear
helic/ helix
helik/ snail
helikopter/ helicopter
heliotrop/ heliotrope (type of plant)
help/ help
Henriet/ Henrietta
hepat/ liver
herb/ herb, grass
hered/ inherit
herez/ heresy
hermafrodit/ hermaphrodite
herni/ hernia, rupture (med.)
hero/ hero
herold/ herald, person who proclaims important news
hetman/ hetman (type of military commander)
hezit/ hesitate
hiacint/ hyacinth (type of plant)
hidr/ hydra (mythological or type of sea animal)
hidrarg/ mercury (chemical element)
hidrofobi/ hydrophobia
hidrogen/ hydrogen
hidrostatik/ hydrostatic
hidroterapi/ hydrotherapy
hien/ hyena
hierarĥi/ hierarchy
hierarki/ hierarchy
hieraŭ yesterday
hieroglif/ hieroglyph
higien/ hygiene
higrometr/ hygrometer
himn/ hymn
hipertrofi/ hypertrophy (med.)
hipnot/ hypnosis
hipodrom/ hippodrome
hipokrit/ feign, play the hypocrite
hipopotam/ hippopotamus
hipotek/ mortgage
hipotez/ hypothesis
hirt/ bristly, rough, scrubby, shaggy, spiky
hirud/ leech
hirund/ swallow (type of bird)
hiskiam/ henbane (type of plant)
hisop/ hyssop (type of plant)
Hispan/ [popolnomo] Spanish (people)
histeri/ hysteria
histori/ history, story
histrik/ porcupine
ho oh
ho [liternomo] name of the letter "h"
hoboj/ oboe
hodiaŭ today
hok/ hook
hom/ man (the species)
homeopat/ homeopath
homeopati/ homeopathy
homonim/ hominy (type of grain)
honest/ honest
honor/ honor
honorari/ honorarium
hont/ be ashamed
hor/ hour
horde/ barley
horizont/ horizon
horizontal/ horizontal
horloĝ/ clock
hormon/ hormone
horoskop/ horoscope
hortensi/ hortensia (type of plant)
hortulan/ ortolan (type of bird)
hospital/ hospital
hosti/ host (consecrated wafer)
hotel/ hotel
huf/ hoof
hum/ humus (type of soil)
human/ humane
humer/ humerus (upper arm bone)
humid/ humid
humil/ humble
humor/ temper, humor
hund/ dog
Hungar/ Hungarian (people)
hura hurray
husar/ hussar (type of soldier)
huz/ great white sturgeon (type of fish)


ĥaos/ chaos
ĥemi/ chemistry
ĥimer/ chimera
ĥirurg/ surgeon
ĥirurgi/ surgery
ĥo [liternomo] name of the letter "ĥ"
ĥoler/ cholera
ĥor/ chorus, choir


-i [finaĵo] termination of the infinitive in verbs
i [liternomo] name of the letter "i"
ia of some kind
ial for some reason
iam at some time
ibis/ ibis (type of bird)
id/ [sufikso] child, young one
ide/ idea
ideal/ ideal, high aim, model of perfection
idealism/ idealism
ident/ identical
ideografi/ ideography (the representation of ideas by graphic symbols)
ideologi/ ideology
idili/ idyll (in literature)
idiom/ idiom
idiot/ idiot
idiotism/ idiomatic expression or phrase
idol/ idol
ie somewhere
iel somehow
ies someone's
ig/ [sufikso] to cause to be
ignor/ ignore
iĝ/ [sufikso] to become
iĥtiokol/ isinglass (substance made from fish)
iks/ x [liternomo] name of the letter "x"
il/ [sufikso] instrument
ileks/ holly (type of plant)
ili they
ilumin/ illuminate
ilustr/ illustrate
iluzi/ illusion
imag/ imagine
imit/ imitate
imperativ/ imperative (grammar)
imperfekt/ imperfect tense (grammar)
imperi/ empire
imperial/ top deck, outside (of a bus, etc.)
imperialism/ imperialism
impertinent/ impertinent, impudent, insolent
impet/ impetuous
implik/ implicate
impon/ impress, command respect
import/ import
impost/ tax, duty
impres/ mental impression, effect produced on mind
impresari/ impresario, manager of public entertainment
improviz/ improvise
impuls/ impulse
imun/ immune
in/ [sufikso] ending of feminine words
inaŭgur/ inaugurate
inaŭguraci/ inaugurate
incens/ incense
incit/ incite, provoke
ind/ [sufikso] worthy of
indeks/ index (alphabetical list)
indiferent/ indifferent
indig/ indigo (blue powder)
indign/ be indignant (at, with)
indiĝen/ indigenous, nativ
indik/ indicate
indikativ/ indicative (grammar)
individu/ individual (single person)
indukt/ infer, reason by induction
indulg/ be indulgent, be merciful
industri/ industry
inert/ inert
infan/ child
infanteri/ infantry
infekt/ infect
infer/ hell
infinitiv/ infinitive (grammar)
inflaci/ inflation (finance)
inflam/ inflammation
influ/ influence, have an effect on
inform/ inform
infuz/ infuse
ing/ [sufikso] holder for
ingredienc/ ingredient
ingven/ groin
inĝenier/ engineer
iniciat/ initiate, start
injekt/ inject
ink/ ink
inklin/ inclination, bent, bias, disposition
inkluziv/ inclusive
inkognit/ incognito
inkvizici/ inquisition
inkvizitor/ inquisitor
inokul/ inoculate
insekt/ insect
insid/ lay a snare for, set a trap for
insign/ insignia, badge, emblem of authority or dignity
insist/ insist
inspekt/ inspect
inspektor/ inspector
inspir/ inspire
instal/ install, establish, set up
instanc/ juristdiction
instig/ instigate, goad, incite
instinkt/ instinct
instituci/ institution
institut/ institute, academy
instru/ instruct, teach
instrukci/ instructions, directions, orders
instrument/ instrument
insul/ island
insulin/ insulin
insult/ insult
int/ [sufikso] ending of past part. act. in verbs
intelekt/ intellect
inteligent/ intelligent
intenc/ intend
intendant/ person in charge
intens/ intense
inter between, among
interes/ interest
interjekci/ interjection
intermit/ intermittent
intern/ internal, inside
interpelaci/ question formally concerning an official action
interpret/ interpret
interpunkci/ punctuation
intervju/ interview
intest/ intestine
intim/ intimate
intrig/ intrigue, plot, scheme
inund/ inundate, flood
invad/ invade
invalid/ disabled person
invent/ invent
invers/reverse, opposite; inverse 
invit/ invite
io something
iom a little, some quantity
ipsilon/ y [liternomo] name of the letter "y"
ir/ go
Irak/ Iraq
Iran/ Iran
irid/ iris (type of plant)
iris/ iris (as of the eye)
Irland/ Ireland
ironi/ irony
-is [finaĵo] ending of past tense in verbs
Island/ Iceland
ism/ [sufikso] -ism (doctrine, movement, principle)
Israel/ Israel
ist/ [sufikso] person occupied with
istm/ isthmus
it/ [sufikso] ending of past part. pass. in verbs
Ital/ Italian (people)
iu someone
izol/ isolate
Izrael/ Isreal (ancient; modern=Israelo)


-j [finaĵo] sign of the plural
ja emphatic particle
jaguar/ jaguar
jak/ jacket, coat
jam already
Januar/ January
japan/ inhabitant of Japan
jar/ year
jasmen/ jasmine (type of plant)
je can be rendered by various English prepositions
jen behold, lo
jes yes
Jesu/ Jesus
Jezuit/ Jesuit
jo [liternomo] name of the letter "j"
jod/ iodine
Johan/ John
Jork/ York
Jozef/ Joseph
ju the (ju…des = the…the)
jubile/ jubilee, anniversary
Jud/ Jew, Jewish
Judaism/ Judaism
jug/ yoke, cross-bar (as for oxen)
jugland/ walnut
juĝ/ judge, adjuticate, decide
juk/ itch
Juli/ July
jun/ young
jung/ to harness, hitch, yoke
Juni/ June
juniper/ juniper (type of plant)
junk/ rush (type of plant)
jup/ skirt, petticoat, slip
jur/ law, jurisprudence
jurist/ jurist, lawyer
just/ just, lawful, fair, righteous
juvel/ jewel


ĵaket/ formal jacket (men's or women's)
ĵaluz/ jealous
ĵargon/ jargon
ĵaŭd/ Thursday
ĵaz/ jazz (music)
ĵet/ throw
ĵo [liternomo] name of the letter "ĵ"
ĵoke/ jockey
ĵongl/ juggle
ĵud/ judo
ĵur/ swear, take an oath, solemnly attest
ĵurnal/ newspaper
ĵus just now, not long ago


kabal/ cabal, intrigue, group plotting to usurp
kaban/ cabin, cottage
kabinet/ special room for consultation
kabl/ cable
kabriolet/ cabriolet (type of one-horse carriage)
kaĉ/ hash, mush, pulp, purée
kadavr/ cadaver, corpse
kadenc/ cadence (as in music)
kadet/ cadet (in a military academy)
kadr/ a frame
kaduk/ frail, broken-down, worn-out
kaf/ coffee
kaĝ/ cage
kahel/ tile, paving block, flagstone
kaj/ pier, wharf
kaj and
kajer/ exercise book; unbound book or section thereof
kajut/ cabin (as a cockpit, room in a ship, etc.)
kaka/ cocoa
kakt/ cactus
kal/ corn (on the foot)
kalci/ calcium
kaldron/ cauldron, large kettle
kalejdoskop/ kaleidoscope
kalendar/ calendar
kalendul/ marigold (type of plant)
kaleŝ/ light four-wheeled carriage
kalfatr/ to caulk
kali/ potassium
kalibr/ calibrate
kalif/ caliph (Islamic ruler)
kalik/ chalice, cup, bowl
kalikot/ calico (type of cloth)
kalk/ lime (type of chemical)
kalkan/ heel
kalkul/ calculate
kalomel/ calomel (type of chemical)
kalson/ trousers, pants, slacks
kalumni/ calumniate, slander, libel, malign
kalv/ bald-headed
Kalvin/ Calvin
kamarad/ comrade, companion, pal
kambi/ bill of exchange (commerce)
kame/ cameo (type of carving)
kamel/ camel
kameli/ camellia (type of plant)
kamen/ fireplace
kamer/ small dark room
kamfor/ camphor (type of chemical)
kamion/ camion (type of truck or cart)
kamizol/ camisole (women's undergarment)
kamlot/ camlet (type of cloth)
kamomil/ chamomile (type of plant)
kamp/ field, expanse of land; scope
kampanj/ campaign (military)
kan/ cane, reed
kanab/ hemp, cannabis (type of plant)
kanaben/ linnet (type of bird)
Kanad/ Canada
kanajl/ scoundrel, rascal, knave, villain
kanal/ canal
kanap/ type of sofa
kanari/ canary (type of bird)
kancelari/ chancery, office of public records
kancelier/ chancellor, minister of state
kancer/ cancer
kand/ candy
kandel/ candle
kandelabr/ candelabra (branched candlestick)
kandidat/ candidate
kanguru/ kangaroo
kanibal/ cannibal
kankr/ crayfish
kanon/ cannon (military)
kanonik/ canon, member of a cathedral chapter
kant/ sing
kantarid/ type of insect
kantat/ cantata (in music)
kanton/ canton (geopolitical entity, as in Switzerland)
kantor/ precentor, leader of a church choir
kanvas/ canvass (type of cloth)
kanzon/ little song, ballad
kap/ head
kapabl/ capable
kapel/ chapel
kapital/ capital, assets, funds
kapitan/ captain (military)
kapitel/ capital (head of a pillar)
kapitulac/ capitulate
kapon/ capon (castrated rooster)
kapor/ caper (type of plant)
kaporal/ corporal (military)
kapot/ capote (large cloak with hood)
kapr/ goat
kapreol/ roe deer
kapric/ caprice, whim
kapsik/ Capsicum (hot peppers)
kapsul/ capsule
kapt/ capture, catch
kapucen/ capuchin monk
kapuĉ/ hood (as of a monk's robe)
kar/ dear
karaben/ carbine (type of rifle)
karaf/ carafe (type of bottle)
karakter/ character, quality, nature; habitual conduct
karakteriz/ characterize
karambol/ strike obliquely (as in billiards)
karamel/ caramel
karas/ crucian carp (type of fish)
karat/ carat (mass), or karat (gold purity)
karavan/ caravan
karb/ coal
karbon/ carbon
karcer/ detention cell, jail
kard/ thistle (type of plant)
kardel/ goldfinch (type of bird)
kardinal/ cardinal (Catholic)
kares/ caress
karier/ career, profession
karikatur/ caricature
kariofil/ clove (type of plant)
kariol/ type of two-wheeled carriage
karmin/ carmine (a red pigment)
karn/ flesh
karnaval/ carnival
karo/ diamond (cards)
karob/ carob-bean, locust-bean (type of fruit)
karoseri/ coachwork, body (of a car, etc.)
karot/ carrot
karp/ carp (type of fish)
karpen/ hornbeam (type of plant)
kart/ card, thick paper
kartav/ speak with a strongly trilled "r"
kartilag/ cartilage
kartoĉ/ cartridge (for a gun)
kartograf/ cartographer
kartografi/ cartography
karton/ cardboard
kartuŝ/ cartouche (oval used in Egyptian hyroglyphics)
karusel/ merry-go-round
kas/ cash; cash-box
kased/ cassette
kaserol/ casserole (type of baking dish)
kask/ helmet
kasked/ a man's peaked cap
kast/ caste; exclusive class
kastanjet/ castanet (musical instrument)
kastel/ castle
kastor/ beaver
kastr/ castrate
kaŝ/ hide, conceal, keep secret
kaŝtan/ chestnut (type of fruit)
kat/ cat
katafalk/ catafalque (decorated stage for a coffin)
katakomb/ catacombs (underground burial caverns)
katalepsi/ catalepsy (involuntary immobility)
katalog/ catalog
kataplasm/ medicated plaster to draw out inflammation
katapult/ catapault
katar/ catarrh (inflammation of mucous membrane)
katarakt/ cataract (eye)
katastrof/ catastrophe
katedr/ seat of authority or office, pulpit, throne, etc.
katedral/ cathedral
kategori/ category
kateĥist/ one who teaches by questions and answers
kateĥiz/ to teach by questions and answers
katekist/ one who teaches by questions and answers
katekiz/ to teach by questions and answers
katen/ chain, shackle (for prisoners)
katolik/ Catholic
katun/ cotton (type of cloth)
kaŭci/ bail, bond (as in criminal law)
kaŭĉuk/ type of rubber
kaŭr/ crouch, squat
kaŭteriz/ cauterize
kaŭz/ cause
kav/ cavity, hollow, hole, pit
kavaleri/ cavalry
kavalir/ knight, member of an order
kavern/ cavern
kaviar/ caviar
kaz/ case (grammar, medicine, or law)
kaze/ curds
kazemat/ casemate, vaulted chamber, armored enclosure
kazern/ barracks (soldiers' quarters)
kazin/ casino
ke that (conjunction)
kegl/ skittle (English ninepins game)
kejl/ peg, pin
kel/ cellar
kelk/ some, a little, a certain
kelner/ waiter
kemi/ chemistry
ken/ resinous pinewood
kep/ kepi (a French military peaked cap)
ker/ heart (cards)
kern/ kernel; grain, seed (corn)
kerub/ cherub
kest/ chest, box
kia of what kind
kial why
kiam when
kibuc/ kibbutz (Israeli collective community)
kie where
kiel how
kies whose
kil/ keel (of a ship)
kilogram/ kilogram
kilometr/ kilometer
kimon/ kimono
kin/ cinematography
kinin/ quinine
kio what
kiom how much
kiosk/ kiosk
kiras/ body armor covering the torso
kirl/ whirl, twirl, churn
kirŝ/ kirsch (type of alcoholic drink)
kirurg/ surgeon
kirurgi/ surgery
kis/ kiss
kitel/ smock, overall
kiu who, which
klaĉ/ gossip, babble, chit-chat
klaft/ fathom (unit of measure)
klak/ to make a short sound (clap, crack, snap, smack, etc.)
klap/ flap, overlapping piece, lid, shutter
klar/ clear
Klar/ [virina nomo] Clara
klarnet/ clarinet
klas/ class, grade, rank
klasifik/ classify
klasik/ classical
klav/ key (of piano, typewriter, etc.)
kler/ well-educated, cultured, learned
klient/ client, customer
klimat/ climate
klin/ incline, cause to bend, slant downwards
kling/ blade (of axe, chisel, knife, etc.)
klinik/ clinic
klister/ enema, douche
kliŝ/ block or plate for type (typography)
klitor/ clitoris
kloak/ sewer, drain, cesspool
klon/ clone
klopod/ endeavor, take steps, make efforts
klor/ chlorine
kloŝ/ bell-shaped cover (clock-shade, etc.)
klub/ club, association
kluk/ cluck (as a hen)
kluz/ lock (as of a canal); floodgate
knab/ boy
knar/ to make a short dry noise (grate, grind, scrape, etc.)
kned/ knead
ko [liternomo] name of the letter "k"
koaks/ coke (coal residue)
kobalt/ cobalt
kobold/ goblin, gnome, imp
koĉenil/ cochineal (a dye made from dried bodies of the cochineal insect)
kod/ code
kodeks/ codex
kodicil/ codicil (supplement to a will)
koeficient/ coefficient
kofr/ chest, trunk, etc.
koher/ coherent
koincid/ coincide
kojn/ wedge, block, jam
kok/ chicken (type of bird)
kokard/ cockade (ornament worn on a had as a badge)
kokcinel/ ladybug (type of insect)
koket/ to flirt
kokluŝ/ whooping-cough
kokon/ cocoon
kokos/ coconut
koks/ hip (part of the body)
kol/ neck (part of the body)
kolbas/ sausage
koleg/ colleague
kolegi/ college
kolekt/ collect
kolektiv/ collective, common, joint
koler/ to be angry
kolibr/ hummingbird
kolik/ colic (medical condition)
kolimb/ diver, loon (type of bird)
kolizi/ collision
kolodi/ collodion (type of chemical)
kolofon/ colophony (a resinous substance)
kolomb/ dove, pigeon
kolon/ column, pillar
kolonel/ colonel
koloni/ colony, settlement
kolor/ color
kolos/ colossus, huge dominating figure
kolport/ hawk (sell), peddle
kolubr/ type of snake
kolumn/ column (of text, figures, etc.)
kolz/ colza (type of plant)
kom/ comma
komand/ be in command (military)
komandit/ type of commercial partnership (silent partnership)
komb/ to comb
kombin/ to combine
komedi/ comedy
komenc/ commence, begin
koment/ comment
komentari/ commentary, explanatory notes
komerc/ business, commerce
komet/ comet
komfort/ comfort
komik/ comical, funny, humorous
komisar/ commissioner, deputy, temporary steward
komisi/ entrust with, put into the hands of
komision/ board authorized for a special enquiry or study
komitat/ committee
komiz/ clerk (as at a store)
komod/ chest of drawers
kompakt/ compact
kompani/ company
kompar/ compare
komparativ/ comparative form (grammar)
kompas/ magnetic compass
kompat/ compassion, pity, sympathy
kompens/ compensate
kompetent/ competent
kompil/ compile
komplement/ complement
komplet/ complete
komplez/ kindness, courtesy
komplik/ complicate
kompliment/ compliment
komplot/ contrive a plot or plan for evil purposes
kompon/ to compose music
kompost/ to set type (in typography)
kompot/ fruit cooked or preserved in syrup
kompren/ understand, comprehend
kompres/ compress (bandage)
kompromis/ a compromise
kompromit/ to compromise, endanger, jeopardize
komput/ compute
komun/ common to all, general, public
komuni/ Communion
komunik/ communicate
kon/ know, recognize, be acquainted with (as a person, etc.)
konced/ concede, admit
koncentr/ concentrate, draw together
koncept/ concept
koncern/ concern
koncert/ concert
koncesi/ concession, grant, license
konciz/ concise
kondamn/ comdemn
kondicional/ conditional mood (grammar)
kondiĉ/ condition, qualification, stipulation
kondolenc/ condole, express sorrow or sympathy
kondom/ condom
kondor/ condor (type of bird)
konduk/ to conduct, lead
konduktor/ conductor (as of a train, etc.)
kondut/ to conduct, lead, guide
konekt/ connect
konfederaci/ confederate
konfekci/ ready-made suit or dress
konferenc/ conference, discussion
konfes/ confess
konfid/ confide, entrust
konfidenc/ confide (secrets)
konfirm/ confirm
konfisk/ confiscate
konfit/ preserve in syrup
konflikt/ conflict, battle
konform/ conformable to, in accordance with
konfuz/ confuse
konglomerat/ conglomerate (type of rock)
kongregaci/ congregation
kongres/ congress
konjak/ cognac (type of alcoholic beverage)
konjekt/ conjecture, guess
konjugaci/ conjugate (grammar)
konjunkci/ conjunction (grammar)
konk/ shell
konkav/ concave
konker/ conquer
konklud/ conclude, arrive at by reason
konkord/ concord, agreement
konkret/ concrete, perceptible, real
konkur/ compete, be a rival to
konkurenc/ compete commercially
konkurs/ a competition
konsci/ be conscious of, aware of
konscienc/ conscience
konsekr/ consecrate
konsekvenc/ consistent, in accordance with an established principle
konsent/ consent, agree
konserv/ keep, conserve, preserve
konservativ/ conservative (as in politics)
konservatori/ conservatory (of music, etc.)
konsider/ consider
konsil/ advise, counsel
konsist/ consist
konsistori/ consistory (ecclesiastical court)
konsol/ console, comfort
konsonant/ consonant (grammar)
konspir/ conspire
konstant/ constant
konstat/ ascertain to be true by investigation, establish, prove
konstern/ fill with consternation or dismay
konstituci/ constitution (as in politics)
konstru/ construct, build
konsul/ consul
konsult/ consult
konsum/ consume
kont/ account, reckoning of debit and credit
kontakt/ contact, connection, touch
kontant/ cash down, ready money
kontent/ content, satisfied, pleased
kontest/ contest, call into question
kontinent/ continent
kontinu/ continuous
kontor/ office for keeping books or transacting business
kontraband/ contraband
kontrabas/ double bass (type of stringed musical instrument)
kontrakt/ contract, binding promise
kontralt/ contralto (type of singing voice)
kontrapunkt/ counterpoint (art of combining melodies)
kontrast/ contrast
kontraŭ against, in opposition to
kontribu/ contribute
kontribuci/ tax imposed on a conquered nation for support of the occupying army
kontrol/ audit, check (upon), examine, inspect
kontur/ outline, contour, external boundary
kontuz/ bruise, contuse
konus/ cone
konval/ lily of the valley (type of plant)
konveks/ convex
konven/ be suitable, suit
konvenci/ convention, agreement
konversaci/ converse, chat, talk
konvert/ to convert
konvink/ convince
konvolvul/ convolvulus (type of plant)
konvulsi/ convulsion
kooperativ/ a cooperative
kopek/ copeck (type of Russian coin)
kopi/ copy, duplicate, reproduce
kor/ heart
koral/ coral
Koran/ Koran
korb/ basket
kord/ string (of a musical instrument)
korekt/ correct, set right, remove errors
korelativ/ correlative (grammar)
korespond/ correspond (to exchange letters)
koridor/ corridor, galley, main passageway
korife/ leader of a chorus or choir
kork/ a cork
korn/ horn
korne/ cornea
kornet/ cornet
kornic/ cornice, molded projection at top of buiding, etc.
kornik/ crow (type of bird)
korol/ corolla (type of plant)
korp/ body
korporaci/ corporation
korpus/ body of troops; division of an army
korsaĵ/ bodice, body, corsage (of a woman's dress)
korsar/ corsair, privateer (privately-owned ship authorized to raid enemy ships)
korset/ corset (type of woman's undergarment)
kort/ court, courtyard
korupt/ bribe
korv/ member of the crow family; raven (type of bird)
korvet/ corvette (type of ship)
kosm/ cosmos, space
kosmetik/ cosmetic
kosmogoni/ cosmogony (origin of the Universe)
kosmograf/ cosmographer (practitioner of cosmograph)
kosmografi/ cosmography (general description of the world or Universe as a whole)
kosmopolit/ cosmopolitan
kost/ to cost, to involve expenditure
Kostarik/ Costa Rica
kostum/ costume, style of dress
kot/ dirt, mud
kotiz/ contribute
kotlet/ cutlet, chop, small piece of meat
koton/ cotton (type of fabric)
koturn/ quail (type of bird)
kov/ brood, hatch, sit (as a hen on eggs, etc.)
kovert/ envelope
kovr/ cover, put a cover on
kozak/ cossack (type of cavalry soldier in a Russian czarist army)
krab/ crab (type of sea creature)
krabr/ hornet (type of insect)
kraĉ/ spit
krad/ grating, crossbars
krajon/ pencil
krak/ crack; make a sharp, dry noise
kraken/ cracknel (type of light crisp biscuit)
kramf/ cramp
kramp/ clamp, brace (as in carpentry or typography)
kran/ tap, faucet, spigot
krani/ skull
kratag/ hawthorne (type of plant)
krater/ crater
kravat/ cravat, necktie
kre/ create
kred/ believe
kredit/ credit
kreditor/ creditor, one to whom a debt is owed
krem/ cream
kren/ horseradish (type of plant)
kreol/ creole
kreozot/ creosote (type of oily liquid substance used as a wood preservative)
krep/ crape (type of fabric with a wrinkled surface)
krepusk/ twilight
kres/ watercress (type of plant)
kresk/ grow
krest/ comb, crest (on an animal's head)
krestomati/ chrestomathy, a collection of model writings
kret/ chalk
krev/ burst, break up, explode
kri/ cry out, shout
kribr/ sieve, sift
krim/ crime
kriminal/ criminal (adj.)
kring/ twisted ring-shaped bun or biscuit
kripl/ crippled, deformed
kript/ crypt, underground burial vault
krisp/ a frill, ruffle
Krist/ Christ
kristal/ crystal
kriteri/ criterion
kritik/ criticize
kriz/ crisis
krizantem/ chrysanthemum (type of plant)
kroĉ/ hook to, fasten to, hitch on to
krokodil/ crocodile
krom except, besides, apart from
kromosom/ chromosome
kron/ crown
kronik/ chronicle, annals, continuous narrative
kronologi/ chronology
kronometr/ chronometer
krop/ craw, pouch, gullet (of birds)
kroz/ to cruise (of ships)
kruc/ a cross
krucifiks/ crucifix
kruĉ/ jug, pitcher
krud/ raw, crude, in natural state
kruel/ cruel
krup/ croup (type of disease)
krur/ leg
krust/ crust
krut/ steep
ksilofon/ xylophone
ku/ q [liternomo] name of the letter "q"
kub/ cube
Kub/ Cuba
kubut/ elbow
kudr/ sew
kuf/ coif, (type of head-dress for women)
kugl/ bullet
kuir/ to cook (food)
kuk/ a cake
kukol/ cuckoo (type of bird)
kukum/ cucumber (type of vegetable)
kukurb/ pumpkin, gourd, squash
kul/ gnat (type of insect)
kuler/ spoon
kulis/ backdrop (in theater); backstage
kulp/ guilty, at fault
kult/ cult
kultur/ culture, refinement
kumin/ cumin (type of plant)
kun with
kunikl/ rabbit
kup/ cupping-glass (medical device)
kupe/ compartment in a railroad car
kupol/ cupola, dome (in architecture)
kupon/ coupon, ticket
kupr/ copper
kur/ to run
kurac/ treat (as an ilness), apply remedies, doctor
kuraĝ/ courageous
kurator/ trustee, curator
kurb/ curve, arc, bend, turn
kurent/ electrical current
kurier/ courier, messenger
kurioz/ curious, interesting, odd
kurs/ course (of instruction), series of lessons
kursiv/ cursive (handwriting)
kurten/ curtain
kurz/ exchange rate (finance)
kusen/ cushion
kuŝ/ lie (down)
kutim/ custom, practice, habit
kuv/ tub, big uncovered bucket
kuz/ cousin
kvadrat/ square
kvadratur/ quadrature
kvadril/ quadrille (type of dance)
Kvaker/ Quaker
kvalit/ quality, distinctive property, attribute, characteristic
kvankam although
kvant/ quantity
kvar four
kvaranten/ quarantine
kvarc/ quartz
kvart/ a fourth (as in music); quart
kvartal/ quarter (of town), district, ward
kvast/ tassel
kvazaŭ as if
kverel/ quarrel
kverk/ oak (type of tree)
kvestor/ quaestor (type of ancient Roman official)
kviet/ quiet
kvin five
kvint/ a fifth (as in music)
kvintesenc/ quintessence
kvit/ quit; clear, free, acquitted
kvitanc/ receipt
kvocient/ quotient
kvorum/ quorum


la the
labirint/ labyrinth, maze
labor/ labor, work
laboratori/ laboratory
lac/ tired, weary
lacert/ lizard
laĉ/ lace, cord (for boots, shoes, etc.)
lad/ sheet metal
laf/ lava
lag/ lake
lagun/ lagoon
laik/ lay, secular, non-clerical
lak/ lacquer
lake/ lackey, footman, manservant
laks/ diarrhea, looseness (of bowels)
lakt/ milk
laktuk/ lettuce
lam/ lame
lama/ lama, Tibetan Buddhist monk
lamen/ lamina, thin plate, film
lament/ lament, grieve, mourn
lamp/ lamp
lampir/ glow-worm
lan/ wool
lanc/ lance, spear
lanĉ/ launch
land/ land, country
lang/ tongue (anatomy)
lantern/ lantern
lanug/ down, fluff (of feathers)
lap/ great burdock (type of plant)
lapis/ solid silver nitrate (chemical)
lard/ bacon
larĝ/ broad, wide
larik/ larch (type of tree)
laring/ larynx
larm/ tear (drop)
larv/ larva, maggot
las/ leave, allow, let
laser/ laser
last/ last, after all others
lat/ lath (strip of wood)
later/ side (of a geometrical figure)
latitud/ latitude
latun/ brass
Latv/ Latvian (people)
laŭ according to
laŭb/ arbour, summer-house
laŭd/ praise
laŭr/ laurel (type of tree)
laŭreat/ laureate, winner in a competition
laŭt/ loud
lav/ wash
lavang/ avalanche
lavend/ lavender (type of plant)
lazur/ azure, sky blue
lecion/ lesson
led/ leather
leg/ read
legat/ papal legate (representative)
legend/ legend, myth
legi/ legion
legitim/ legitimize
legom/ vegetable
leĝ/ law
lek/ lick (with the tongue)
lekant/ marguerite (type of plant)
lekci/ lecture
leksikon/ lexicon
lens/ lens
lent/ lentil
lentug/ freckle
leon/ lion
leontod/ dandelion
leopard/ leopard
lepor/ hare
lepr/ leprosy
lern/ learn
lert/ clever, skillful
lesiv/ lye (for bleaching)
letargi/ lethargy
leter/ letter
leŭkemi/ leukemia
leŭtenant/ lieutenant
lev/ lift, raise
levkoj/ gilliflower (type of plant)
li he
lian/ liana (type of plant)
Liban/ Lebanon
libel/ dragonfly (type of insect)
liber/ free
liberal/ liberal (politics)
Liberi/ Liberia
Libi/ Libya
libr/ book
lice/ French secondary school (lycée)
licenc/ license, authorize, give permit
lien/ spleen (anatomy)
lift/ elevator
lig/ bind, tie, fasten
lign/ wood, timber, lumber
liken/ lichen (type of plant)
likv/ liquid
likvid/ liquidate, clear off, discharge, put an end to
likvor/ liqueur (alcoholic beverage)
lili/ lily (type of plant)
lim/ limit, boundary, border
limak/ slug (type of animal)
limf/ lymph
limonad/ lemonade
lin/ flax (type of plant)
lingv/ language
lini/ line (as in geometry)
link/ lynx (type of animal)
lip/ lip
lir/ lyre
lirik/ lyric; lyrical poem
list/ list, register, roll (of persons or things)
lit/ bed
litani/ litany
liter/ letter (of alphabet)
literatur/ literature
litograf/ lithograph
litografi/ lithography (type of printing)
litr/ liter
liturgi/ liturgy
liut/ lute
liver/ deliver
livre/ livery, servant's uniform
lo [liternomo] name of the letter "l"
lob/ lobe
lod/ half an ounce
log/ draw, entice
logaritm/ logarithm
logik/ logic
logogrif/ logogriph (type of word puzzle)
loĝ/ dwell, lodge, live
loĝi/ box (theater); lodge (masonic)
lojal/ loyal
lojt/ eel-pout, burbot (type of fish)
lok/ place, location
lokomobil/ steam-powered car or tractor
lokomotiv/ locomotive
lol/ rye-grass (type of plant)
London/ London
long/ long
longitud/ longitude
lonicer/ honeysuckle (type of plant)
lord/ lord, nobleman
lorn/ field-glass, spyglass (small telescope)
lot/ cast (draw) lots
loteri/ lottery
lotus/ lotus (type of plant)
lozanĝ/ diamond-shaped figure
lu/ hire, book, rent
lubrik/ lubricate, grease, oil
lucern/ hanging lamp (as in a church or house)
lud/ play
Ludovik/ Ludovik (man's name)
luk/ skylight
luks/ luxury
lukt/ contend, grapple, struggle
lul/ lull, soothe, rock to sleep
lum/ light
lumb/ small of the back (anatomy)
lumbrik/ earthworm
lun/ moon
lunatik/ sleepwalker; capricous person; lunatic
lund/ Monday
lup/ wolf
lupol/ hop (type of plant)
lustr/ chandelier
lut/ solder, join metals with solder
Luter/ Luther
lutr/ otter


mac/ matza, unleavened bread
maĉ/ chew
Madon/ Madonna, the Virgin Mary
magazen/ emporium, large shop, department store
magi/ magic
magnet/ magnet
magnetism/ magnetism
magnetofon/ tape recorder
mahagon/ mahogany (type of tree)
maiz/ maize, corn
Maj/ May
majest/ majestic
majolik/ majolica (type of Italian ceramic)
majonez/ mayonnaise
major/ major (military title)
majstr/ master (of an art or trade)
majuskl/ uppercase letter
makadam/ macadam (type of pavement)
makaron/ macaroon (almond-flavored cookie)
makaroni/ macaroni
makler/ act as broker (between buyer and seller)
maksim/ maxim, principle of conduct
maksimum/ maximum
makul/ stain, spot, mark
makzel/ jaw-bone
mal/ [prefikso] denotes opposites
malakit/ malachite (type of mineral)
malari/ malaria
maleol/ ankle
malgraŭ in spite of
malic/ malice
malt/ malt
malv/ mallow (type of plant)
mam/ breast, udder
mamut/ mammoth (type of animal)
man/ hand
mana/ manna
mandaren/ mandaren (type of Chinese official)
mandarin/ mandarin orange
mandat/ mandate
mandolin/ mandoline
mang/ mango
mangan/ manganese
manĝ/ eat
mani/ mania, craze
manier/ manner, way
manifest/ manifest, display, exhibit, show
manifestaci/ manifestation, public demonstration
manik/ sleeve
maniok/ cassava (plant)
manipul/ manipulate
mank/ lack
manometr/ manometer (gas pressure gauge)
manovr/ maneuver (military)
mansard/ attic
mantel/ cape, cloak, long over-garment with or without sleeves
manufaktur/ factory
manuskript/ manuscript, book or document written by hand
map/ map
mar/ sea
marasm/ marasmus (progressive emaciation)
marcipan/ marzipan (almond paste)
marĉ/ marsh, swamp
marĉand/ to bargain, haggle over
mard/ Tuesday
margarin/ margarine
marĝen/ margin (of a page)
Mari/ Mary
marin/ marinade, brine, cure
marionet/ marionette
mark/ a mark, sign, impression
markiz/ marquis (nobleman title)
markot/ layer (branch or shoot of a plant treated to induce rooting)
marmelad/ marmalade
marmor/ marble (type of rock)
marmot/ marmot, woodchuck (type of animal)
Marok/ Morocco
maroken/ Morocco leather
marŝ/ march, walk
marŝal/ marshal (military)
Mart/ March (month)
martel/ hammer
martir/ martyr
mas/ mass (as in physics)
masaĝ/ massage
masiv/ massive
mask/ mask
mason/ to build with stone
mast/ mast
mastik/ mastic, putty
mastr/ master (of house, establishment, etc.)
maŝ/ mesh; loop, lasso
maŝin/ machine
mat/ mat
matador/ matador
mate/ yerba mate (plant)
matematik/ mathematics
maten/ morning
materi/ matter
material/ material (of which something is made)
matrac/ mattress
matric/ matrix
matur/ mature, ripe
maŭzole/ mausoleum
mazurk/ mazurka (type of Polish dance)
mebl/ piece of furniture
meĉ/ wick (of a candle or lamp)
medal/ medal
medalion/ medallion
medi/ sphere influence, environment, habitat, surroundings
medicin/ science of medicine
medikament/ medicine, drug
medit/ meditate
Mediterane/ Mediterranean Sea
medium/ medium (spiritualist)
medol/ bone marrow
meduz/ medusa (in mythology or zoology)
meĥanik/ mechanics
mejl/ mile
mekanik/ mechanics
mekanism/ mechanism
Meksik/ Mexico
mel/ badger
melankoli/ melancholy
melas/ molasses
meleagr/ turkey
melis/ balm (type of plant)
melk/ to milk (verb)
melodi/ melody
melodram/ melodrama
melon/ melon
melongen/ eggplant
mem self
membr/ member (in general or anatomical)
membran/ membrane
memor/ remember
menci/ make mention of, allude to
mend/ place an order (for goods, etc.)
mens/ mind; intellect
mensog/ tell a lie
menstru/ menstruate
ment/ mint
menton/ chin
mentor/ mentor
menu/ menu
meridian/ meridian
merit/ deserve, merit, be worthy of
meriz/ wild cherry (type of tree)
merkat/ market, sphere of commercial activity (e.g. gold market)
merkred/ Wednesday
merl/ blackbird
merlang/ whiting (type of fish)
mes/ mass (Roman Catholic)
mesaĝ/ message
Mesi/ Messiah
mespil/ medlar (type of fruit)
met/ put, place
metafizik/ metaphysics
metafor/ metaphor
metal/ metal
metalurgi/ metallurgy
metamorfoz/ metamorphosis
metempsikoz/ metempsychosis, transmigration of souls
meteor/ meteor
meteorolog/ meteorologist
meteorologi/ meteorology
meti/ handicraft, occutation
metod/ method
metr/ meter (unit of length)
metrik/ metrics, meter, measure of verse
metronom/ metronome
metropol/ metropolis
mev/ seagull
mez/ middle
mezur/ measure
mi I
miasm/ miasma, noxious vaporous exhalation
miaŭ/ meow (sound of a cat)
miel/ honey
mien/ mien, air, look, facial expression
migdal/ almond
migr/ migrate
Miĥael/ Michael
mikrob/ microbe
mikrofon/ microphone
mikrometr/ micrometer
mikroskop/ microscope
miks/ mix, blend, combine
mil thousand (1000)
mild/ mild, gentle
mili/ millet (type of grass)
miliard/ billion (109)
miligram/ milligram
milimetr/ millimeter
milion/ million (106)
milit/ war
milv/ kite (type of bird)
mimik/ mimic, imitate
mimoz/ mimosa (type of plant)
min/ mine (as of gold, etc., or in military sense)
minac/ menace, threaten
minaret/ minaret, turret of a mosque
mineral/ mineral
mineralog/ minerologist
mineralogi/ minerology
miniatur/ miniature (a small object of art)
minimum/ minimum
ministeri/ ministry (of state, not of religion)
ministr/ minister (of state, not of religion)
minus minus
minuskl/ lowercase letter
minut/ minute (1/60 hour or degree)
miogal/ desman (type of animal)
miop/ near-sighted
miozot/ forget-me-not (type of plant)
mir/ wonder, marvel
mirabel/ mirabelle (type of plant)
miraĝ/ mirage
mirakl/ miracle
mirh/ myrrh (type of plant resin)
miriad/ myriad (10000)
miriametr/ myriameter (10 kilometers)
mirt/ myrtle (type of plant)
mirtel/ bilberry (type of plant)
mis/ [prefikso] mis-, incorrectly, in error
misi/ mission
mister/ mystery
mistifik/ mystify, bewilder, hoax
mistik/ mystical
mit/ myth
mitolog/ mythologist
mitologi/ mythology
mitr/ mitre, head-dress of high priest
mitul/ mussel (type of sea creature)
mizer/ misery
mo [liternomo] name of the letter "m"
mobiliz/ mobilize
mod/ fashion, vogue, prevailing custom; mood (grammar)
model/ model
modem/ modem
moder/ moderate
modern/ modern
modest/ modest
modif/ modify
modul/ modulate
mok/ mock, ridicule
mol/ soft
molekul/ molecule
molusk/ mollusk
moment/ moment (of time)
mon/ money
monaĥ/ monk, friar
monarĥ/ monarch
monarĥi/ monarchy
monark/ monarch
monarki/ monarchy
monat/ month
mond/ world
moned/ jackdaw (type of bird)
monogram/ monogram
monolog/ monologue
monomani/ monomania (fixation on a single idea or thought)
monopol/ monopoly
monoteism/ monotheism
monoton/ monotonous
monstr/ monster
mont/ mountain
montr/ to show
monument/ monument
mops/ pug (type of dog)
mor/ manner of living, custom, habitual conduct
moral/ morals
morbil/ measles
mord/ bite
morfin/ morphine
morgaŭ tomorrow
mort/ die
morter/ mortar
moru/ cod (type of fish)
morus/ mulberry (type of fruit)
mosk/ musk (odiferous substance from animals)
moske/ mosque
moskit/ mosquito
most/ new wine, unfermented grape juice
moŝt/ universal title of politeness and respect
motiv/ motive, reason, cause
motor/ motor, engine
mov/ move
mozaik/ mosaic
muel/ to mill, to grind
muf/ muff (covering to warm the hands)
muĝ/ howl, roar, moan (sound of the wind, etc.)
muk/ mucus
mul/ mule
muld/ mold (verb)
mult/ much, a lot of
multiplik/ multiply
mumi/ mummy
munici/ ammunition
munt/ mount, build, erect, hang
mur/ wall
murd/ murder
murmur/ murmur
mus/ mouse
musk/ moss
muskat/ nutmeg
muskol/ muscle
muslin/ muslin (type of fabric)
mustard/ mustard
mustel/ weasel (type of animal)
muŝ/ a fly (type of insect)
mut/ mute, unable to speak
muz/ muse (Greek goddess)
muze/ museum
muzel/ muzzle, snout
muzik/ music


-n [finaĵo] ending of the objective; also marks direction
naci/ nation
nadl/ needle (an indicator as in a meter, etc.)
naft/ naphtha (chemical substance)
naftalin/ naphthaline (chemical substance)
naĝ/ swim
naiv/ naïve
najbar/ neighbor
najl/ nail
najtingal/ nightingale (type of bird)
nan/ dwarf
nanken/ nankeen (type of fabric)
nap/ rape (type of plant)
narcis/ narcissus, daffodil (type of plant)
narkot/ narcotize (induce sleep through drugs)
narkotik/ narcotic
nas/ cone-shaped basket for catching fish
nask/ give birth to
natri/ sodium (chemical element)
natur/ nature
naturalism/ naturalism
naŭ nine
naŭz/ nauseate, disgust, sicken
nav/ nave (long narrow central hall of a church)
navigaci/ navigation
naz/ nose
ne no, not
nebul/ fog
neces/ necessary
Nederland/ Netherlands
negativ/ negative
neglekt/ neglect, disregard, leave uncared for
negliĝ/ negligée
negoc/ business affair, deal, negotiation
negr/ black person
neĝ/ snow
nek neither, nor
nekrolog/ obituary
nektar/ nectar
nenia not any kind of
nenial for no reason
neniam never
nenie nowhere
neniel in no way, not anyhow, by no means
nenies no one's
nenio nothing
neniom none, no amount
neniu nobody
neologism/ neologism, newly coined word
nep/ grandson
nepotism/ nepotism
nepr/ without fail
nerv/ nerve
nervoz/ nervous, easily excited, high-strung
nest/ nest
net/ neat, clean
neŭtr/ neuter
neŭtral/ neutral
nev/ nephew
ni we
niĉ/ niche, nook
nigr/ black
nihilism/ nihilism
nihilist/ nihilist
Nikaragv/ Nicaragua
nikel/ nickel (chemical element)
Nikodem/ (man's name)
Nikola/ (man's name)
nikotin/ nicotine (chemical)
nilon/ nylon
nimb/ nimbus, glory, halo
nimf/ nymph
nivel/ level (sea, etc.)
niz/ sparrow-hawk (type of bird)
nj/ [sufikso] diminutive of female names
no [liternomo] name of the letter "n"
nobel/ nobleman, lord
nobl/ noble
nod/ node, point of intersection
nokt/ night
noktu/ little owl (type of bird)
nom/ name
nomad/ nomad
nombr/ number, quantity
nominal/ nominal, existing in name only
nominativ/ nominative (grammar)
nord/ north
norm/ norm, standard
normal/ normal, ordinary, typical, usual
Norveg/ Norwegian (people)
nostalgi/ nostalgia
not/ note, brief written remark; musical note
notari/ notary
nov/ new
novel/ novelette, short fictional story
Novembr/ November
novic/ novice
nu well (interjection)
nuanc/ nuance, shade. subtle difference in color, meaning, etc.
nub/ cloud
nud/ nude, naked, bare
nuk/ nape (of neck)
nuks/ nut
nul/ zero, nought
numer/ number (among things numbered consecutively, as of a magazine, etc.)
numismatik/ numismatic (relating to coin collecting)
nun now
nunci/ nuncio (papal ambassador)
nur only (adverb)
nutr/ nourish, feed, sustain with food


-o [finaĵo] ending of nouns (substantive)
o [liternomo] name of the letter "o"
oaz/ oasis
obe/ obey
obelisk/ obelisk
objekt/ object
objektiv/ objective (not subjective)
obl/ [sufikso] …fold
oblat/ wafer, seal
obligaci/ bond, debanature (as in commerce)
oblikv/ oblique
obol/ obol (type of ancient Greek coin)
observ/ observe
observatori/ observatory
obstakl/ obstacle
obstin/ obstinate
obstrukc/ obstruction
obtuz/ obtuse
ocean/ ocean
od/ ode (type of lyrical poem)
odor/ odor, scent, smell
ofend/ offend
ofer/ offer up, sacrifice
ofert/ to offer for sale
ofic/ office, duty, function
oficial/ official, authorized
oficir/ officer (military)
oft/ often
ogiv/ ogive, Gothic arch (in architecture)
ok eight
okaz/ occur, happen
okcident/ west
oksid/ oxide
oksigen/ oxygen (chemical element)
oksikok/ cranberry (type of plant)
oktav/ octave
Oktobr/ October
okul/ eye
okult/ occult, secret; magic, mystical
okup/ occupy, employ
okzal/ sorrel (type of plant)
ol than
ole/ oil
oleandr/ oleander (type of plant)
oligarĥ/ oligarch
oligarĥi/ oligarchy (government by a small, corrupt group)
oligark/ oligarch
oligarki/ oligarchy (government by a small, corrupt group)
oliv/ olive (fruit of olive tree)
omaĝ/ homage
omar/ lobster (type of sea creature)
ombr/ shadow
ombrel/ umbrella
omnibus/ bus (omnibus)
on/ [sufikso] marks fractions
ond/ wave
oni one, people, they
oniks/ onyx (type of mineral)
onkl/ uncle
onobrik/ sanfoin (type of plant)
ont/ [sufikso] ending of future active participle in verbs
op/ [sufikso] marks collective numerals
opal/ opal (type of mineral)
oper/ opera
operaci/ operation
opi/ opium
opini/ opinion
opon/ oppose
oportun/ convenient, handy
opozici/ opposition
optativ/ optative mood (grammar - expresses desire)
optik/ optics
optimism/ optimism
optimist/ optimist
or/ gold
orakol/ oracle
oranĝ/ orange (type of fruit)
orator/ orator
orbit/ orbit
ord/ order, regular arrangement
orden/ order (of knighthood etc.)
ordinar/ ordinary
ordon/ order, command
orel/ ear
orf/ orphan
organ/ organ (anatomy); medium of communication
organik/ organic
organism/ organism
organiz/ organize
orgasm/ orgasm
orgen/ organ (musical instrument)
orgi/ orgy
orient/ east
origin/ origin
original/ original
oriol/ oriole (type of bird)
orkestr/ orchestra
orkide/ orchid (type of plant)
ornam/ adorn, beautify
ornitolog/ ornithologist
ornitologi/ ornithology (study of birds)
orografi/ orography (geography of mountains)
ort/ orthogonal
ortodoks/ orthodox
ortografi/ orthography, correct or conventional spelling
-os [finaĵo] ending of future tense in verbs
osced/ yawn, gape, open wide
ost/ bone
ostr/ oyster
ostracism/ ostracism
ot/ [sufikso] ending of future passive participle in verbs
ov/ egg
ovaci/ ovation, enthusiastic reception
oval/ oval
ozon/ ozone


pac/ peace
pacienc/ patience
pacient/ patient (person under medical treatment)
Pacifik/ Pacific
pacifism/ pacifism
pacifist/ pacifist
paĉul/ patchouli (type of plant)
paf/ shoot (a projectile)
pag/ pay
pagod/ pagoda (type of tower in Eastern architecture)
paĝ/ page (of a book)
paĝi/ page (type of servant)
pajl/ straw (plant material)
pak/ pack, stow (as a suitcase, etc.)
Pakistan/ Pakistan
pal/ pale
palac/ palace
palanken/ palanquin (type of Eastern sedan chair)
palat/ palate (roof of mouth; taste)
paleograf/ paleographer
paleografi/ paleography (study of ancient writings)
paleontolog/ paleontologist
paleontologi/ paleontology (study of ancient life from fossils)
paletr/ palette (as for a painter, etc.)
palinur/ spiny lobster (type of sea creature)
palis/ post, stake, piece of wood stuck in the ground
palisandr/ rosewood (type of wood)
palm/ palm tree
palp/ touch, feel
palpebr/ eyelid
palt/ overcoat
pamflet/ small libelous, satirical, or scurrilous document
pan/ bread
Panam/ Panama
pane/ break down, stop working (as a machine, etc.)
panel/ panel (section of a surface)
panik/ a panic
pankreat/ pancreas
panoram/ panorama
pantalon/ trousers
panteism/ pantheism
panteist/ pantheist
panter/ panther (type of animal)
pantofl/ slipper (type of footwear)
pantomim/ pantomime
pap/ pope
papag/ parrot (type of bird)
papav/ poppy (type of plant)
paper/ paper
papili/ butterfly
papirus/ papyrus
paprik/ paprika
par/ pair, couple
parabol/ parabola
parad/ parade
paradigm/ paradigm (grammar), table of forms
paradiz/ paradise
paradoks/ paradox
paraf/ paraph (flourish after a signature)
parafin/ paraffin
parafraz/ a paraphrase
paragraf/ paragraph
Paragvaj/ Paraguay
paralel/ parallel
paralelogram/ parallelogram
paraliz/ paralyze
paraŝut/ parachute
parazit/ parasite
pardon/ forgive, pardon
parenc/ relative, kinsman
parentez/ parenthesis
parfum/ perfume, scent, fragrance
parget/ parquet, inlaid wooden flooring
Pariz/ Paris
park/ park
parker/ by heart (as in learning something by heart)
parlament/ parliament
parodi/ parody
paroĥ/ parish
paroksism/ paroxysm, fit, seizure
parol/ speak, talk
part/ part, piece, portion
parter/ pit (theater)
parti/ party, side, faction
particip/ participle (grammar)
partitur/ musical score
paru/ tomtit, titmouse (type of bird)
pas/ to pass
pasaĝer/ passenger
pasament/ trimming or braid for clothes or furniture
paser/ sparrow (type of bird)
pasi/ passion, vehement emotion, strong attachment
pasiv/ passive
Pask/ Easter
paskvil/ lampoon; strong piece of satire
pasport/ passport
past/ paste, dough
pasteĉ/ meat or fish pie
pastel/ lozenge (as in pharmacy)
pastinak/ parsnip (type of plant)
pastr/ clergyman, minister, pastor
paŝ/ step, pace
paŝt/ to feed (animals), to graze, to pasture
paŝtel/ crayon
pat/ frying pan
patent/ patent
patolog/ pathologist
patologi/ pathology (study of diseases)
patos/ passionate expression of feeling
patr/ father
patrici/ patrician, aristocrat
patriot/ patriot
patriotism/ patriotism
patrol/ a patrol (military)
patron/ patron (protector or customer)
Paŭl/ Paul (man's name)
paŭz/ pause
pav/ peacock
pavian/ baboon (type of animal)
pavilon/ pavillion
pavim/ pave
pec/ piece
peĉ/ pitch
pedagog/ pedagogue, schoolmaster, teacher
pedagogi/ pedagogy (art and science of teaching)
pedal/ pedal
pedant/ pedant; one who teaches with undue emphasis on minutiae
pedel/ an official sent to carry out the orders of a judge, etc.
pedik/ louse
peg/ woodpecker
pejzaĝ/ landscape, scenery
pek/ sin
pekl/ pickle in brine, salt (vb.)
pel/ drive, chase (vb.)
pelerin/ woman's narrow cape
pelikan/ pelican
pelt/ fur
pelv/ basin, pelvis
pen/ endeavor, try to, take pains
penc/ penny, pence
pend/ hang (intr.)
pendol/ pendulum
penetr/ penetrate
penicilin/ penicillin
penik/ paintbrush
penis/ penis
pens/ think
pensi/ pension
pension/ boarding house
pent/ repent
pentametr/ pentameter
Pentekost/ Pentecost, Whitsuntide
pentr/ paint (vb.)
peoni/ peony (type of plant)
pep/ chirp, warble
pepsin/ pepsin (type of medication)
per through, by means of
percept/ perceive, sense
perĉ/ pope, ruff (type of fish) (Acerina)
perd/ lose
perdrik/ partridge
pere/ perish
perfekt/ perfect
perfid/ betray
pergamen/ parchment
perimetr/ perimeter
period/ period (of time)
periskop/ periscope
peristil/ peristyle (row of surrounding columns)
peritone/ peritoneum (anatomy)
perk/ perch (type of fish)
perl/ pearl
perlamot/ mother of pearl
permes/ permit, allow
peron/ front steps, loading platform
persekut/ persecute, prosecute
persik/ peach
persist/ persist
person/ person
perspektiv/ perspective
persvad/ persuade
Peru/ Peru
peruk/ wig
pes/ weigh
pesimism/ pessimism
pesimist/ pessimist
pest/ plague
pet/ ask, request
petal/ petal (of a flower)
petard/ explosive charge used to break down a door, etc.
petol/ be mischievous
Petr/ Peter
petrol/ petroleum
petromiz/ lamprey (type of fish)
petrosel/ parsley (type of plant)
pez/ have weight, be heavy
pfenig/ pfennig (German money)
pi/ pious, righteous
pian/ piano
piastr/ piece of eight (Spanish money)
pic/ pizza
pice/ spruce fir (type of tree)
pied/ foot (body part)
piedestal/ pedestal
pig/ magpie (type of bird)
pigme/ pygmy
piĵam/ pajamas
pik/ prick, sting; spade (cards)
piked/ picket, sentry (military); piquet (cards)
piknik/ picnic
pil/ electrochemical cell (battery)
pilastr/ pilaster (type of architectural column)
pilgrim/ make a pilgrimage
pilk/ ball (to play with)
pilol/ pill
pilot/ pilot
pin/ pine (type of tree)
pinĉ/ pinch
pingl/ pin
pingven/ penguin
pini/ umbrella pine (type of tree)
pint/ point, tip, peak
pioĉ/ pick-axe
pionir/ pioneer
pip/ pipe (for tobacco)
pipr/ pepper
pips/ pip (poultry disease)
pir/ pear
piramid/ pyramid
pirat/ pirate
pirit/ pyrites (class of minerals)
pirol/ bullfinch (type of bird)
piroz/ pirosis, heartburn (medicine)
pis/ urinate
pist/ pound, crush pulverize (in a mortar)
pistak/ pistachio (type of nut)
pistil/ pistil (flower part)
pistol/ pistol (handgun)
piŝt/ piston, plunger
pivot/ pivot, axis, fulcrum
piz/ pea
plac/ public square
plaĉ/ be pleasing, please, give pleasure
plad/ dish, platter
plafon/ ceiling
plag/ plague, curse, scourge
plagiat/ plagiarize
plan/ plan
pland/ sole (of the foot)
planed/ planet
plank/ floor
plant/ to plant (in the ground, etc.)
plantag/ plantain (type of plant)
plast/ plastic (type of material)
plastik/ plastic, easily shaped and molded
plastr/ plaster (medical)
plat/ flat
platan/ plane tree, button-wood (type of tree)
platen/ platinum
plaŭd/ splash, ripple
pleb/ common people
pled/ plead, allege (as in court)
plej most
plekt/ braid, weave, twist, plait
plen/ full, complete
plend/ complain
pleonasm/ pleonasm, redundancy
plet/ tray, dish
pleŭronekt/ flat-fish (type of fish)
plezur/ pleasure
pli more
plik/ plica (fold or groove in skin)
plonĝ/ plunge, dive
plor/ cry, weep
plot/ roach (type of fish)
plu farther, further
plug/ plow, till (soil, etc.)
plum/ pen; feather
plumb/ lead (type of metal)
plur/ more than one
plural/ plural
plus plus
pluŝ/ plush (textile)
plutokrat/ plutocrat
plutokrati/ plutocracy
pluv/ rain
pneŭmatik/ pneumatics
po at the rate of
po [liternomo] name of the letter "p"
podagr/ gout (type of disease)
podi/ podium
poem/ poem
poent/ point (in games, exams, etc.)
poet/ poet
poezi/ poetry
pokal/ cup, goblet
Pol/ [popolnomo] Pole
polemik/ polemic, controversy, disputation
polen/ pollen
polic/ police (the system)
poliglot/ polyglot
poligon/ polygon; buckwheat (type of plant)
Polinezi/ Polynesia
polip/ polypus (medicine)
polis/ policy
politeism/ polytheism
politik/ politics
polk/ polka
polp/ octopus
polur/ polish, burnish, glaze
polus/ pole (of the Earth, etc.)
polv/ dust (substance)
pom/ apple
pomad/ pomade (type of perfumed ointment)
pomp/ pomp, display, splendor
ponard/ dagger, poniard (type of knife)
pont/ bridge
ponton/ pontoon
popl/ poplar (type of tree)
popol/ people
popular/ popular
por/ pore
por for
porcelan/ cporcelain, fine china
porci/ portion
pord/ door
pore/ leek (type of plant)
porfir/ porphyry (type of rock)
pork/ pig
port/ carry
portal/ portal, doorway, gateway
porter/ porter (type of beer)
portik/ portico (in architecture)
portret/ portrait
posed/ possess
post after, behind
posten/ post, duty station (military)
postul/ demand, require
poŝ/ pocket
poŝt/ mail
pot/ pot
potas/ potash (type of chemical)
potenc/ power
pov/ be able, can
poz/ pose
pozici/ position
pozitiv/ positive
pra/ [prefikso] great-, fore-, ancient
praktik/ practice, application (of a profession)
pram/ ferry-boat
prav/ right, correct (to be right)
precip/ principal, chief, above all
preciz/ precise
predik/ preach
predikat/ predicate (grammar)
prefekt/ prefect (an official)
prefer/ prefer
prefiks/ prefix
preĝ/ pray
prelat/ prelate, high dignitary
preleg/ lecture
prelud/ prelude (music)
prem/ press
premi/ prize, reward, award
premis/ premise
pren/ take
prepar/ prepare
prepozici/ preposition
prerogativ/ prerogative
pres/ print (verb)
preskaŭ almost
preskrib/ prescribe (medicine)
prestiĝ/ prestige
pret/ ready
pretekst/ pretext
pretend/ pretend, lay claim to
preter beyond, past, by
preterit/ preterit, past tense (grammar)
prez/ price
prezent/ present (verb), introduce (a person)
prezid/ preside
pri concerning, about
primitiv/ primitive
primol/ primrose (type of plant)
princ/ prince
princip/ principle
printemp/ springtime
prior/ prior (of a monastery)
prism/ prism
privat/ private
privilegi/ privilege
pro because, on account of, for the sake of
probabl/ probable, likely
problem/ problem
proced/ proceed
procedur/ procedure
proces/ lawsuit, process
procesi/ procession
produkt/ produce
profan/ profane, irreverent
profesi/ profession
profesor/ professor
profet/ prophet
profil/ profile (drawing, etc.)
profit/ profit, gain
profund/ deep
prognoz/ prognosis
program/ program, plan, syllabus
progres/ progress, advance
projekci/ projection (on a screen, etc.)
projekt/ project, plan, scheme
proklam/ proclaim
prokrast/ procrastinate, delay, defer
proksim/ near
prolet/ proletarian, worker
proletari/ proletarian, worker
prolog/ prologue
promen/ to walk, promenade
promes/ promise
promontor/ promontory, high point of land
pronom/ pronoun
prononc/ pronounce
propagand/ propaganda
propon/ propose, suggest
proporci/ proportion
propozici/ proposition, assertion
propr/ own (one's own)
prospekt/ prospectus
prosper/ prosper, succeed in
prostat/ prostate
prostitu/ prostitute
protagonist/ protagonist
protein/ protein
protekt/ protect
protektorat/ protectorate
protest/ protest
protokol/ minutes, record (of a meeting)
prototip/ prototype
prov/ attempt, try to; test, assay
proverb/ proverb
Providenc/ Providence
provinc/ province
proviz/ provide
provizor/ provisional, tentative
provok/ provoke
proz/ prose
prozelit/ proselyte, a convert
prozodi/ prosody, study of versification
prudent/ prudent, sensible, reasonable
prujn/ rime, hoar frost
prun/ plum
prunel/ blackthorn (type of plant)
prunt/ al, lend; de, borrow
pruv/ prove
psalm/ psalm
pseŭdonim/ pseudonym
psikolog/ psychologist
psikologi/ psychology
pub/ pubes
publik/ public
pudel/ poodle
puding/ pudding
pudr/ powder (cosmetic)
puf/ puff, pad, wad
pugn/ fist
pul/ flea
pulĉinel/ punchinello (type of clown)
pulm/ lung
pulp/ pulp
puls/ pulse
pulv/ gunpowder
pulvor/ powder (substance)
pumik/ pumice (type of rock)
pump/ pump
pun/ punish
punc/ crimson red
punĉ/ punch (drink)
pund/ British pound (money)
punkt/ point, period, dot
punt/ lace
pup/ doll
pupil/ pupil (of the eye)
pupitr/ slanting desk
pur/ clean, pure
purgatori/ purgatory
Puritan/ Puritan
purpur/ purple
pus/ pus
pustul/ pustule
puŝ/ push
put/ well (for water, etc.)
putor/ skunk
putr/ rot, putrify


rab/ rob
rabarb/ rhubard
rabat/ rebate, discount
raben/ rabbi
rabi/ rabies
rabot/ to plane (wood, etc.)
raci/ reason, judgement
racionalism/ rationalism
racionalist/ rationalist
rad/ wheel
radar/ radar
radi/ ray, beam; radiation
radiator/ radiator
radik/ root
radikal/ radical
radiograf/ to photograph by X-rays
rafan/ radish
rafin/ refine, clarify, purify
raj/ ray (type of marine animal)
rajd/ ride
rajt/ right, authority
raked/ racquet
raket/ rocket
rakont/ tell, relate, give account of
ramp/ crawl, creep
ran/ frog
ranc/ rancid
rand/ edge, border, hem
rang/ rank, class, grade
ranunkol/ ranunculus (type of plant)
rap/ turnip
rapid/ fast, rapid
rapir/ rapier, foil (type of sword)
raport/ report
ras/ race, breed
rasp/ rasp, scrape, grate
rast/ rake (verb)
rat/ rat
raŭk/ hoarse
raŭp/ caterpillar
rav/ enrapture, delight
raz/ shave
re/ [prefikso] again, back
reakci/ reaction
real/ real
realism/ realism
rebus/ rebus (puzzle in which pictures represent words)
recenz/ a review (of a book, movie, etc.)
recept/ recipe, formula
reciprok/ mutal, reciprocal
recitativ/ recitative (music)
redakci/ editorial department
redakt/ edit
redaktor/ compiler, editor
redukt/ reduce
ref/ reef (part of a sail)
referenc/ reference
reflekt/ reflect
Reformaci/ the Reformation
refut/ refute
reg/ rule, dominate, govern
regal/ entertain, regale
regent/ regent, provisional ruler
regiment/ regiment
region/ region, district, part
registr/ register
regn/ the state, kingdom
regol/ wren (type of bird)
regul/ rule, regulation
reĝ/ king
reĝim/ regime, regimen
reĝisor/ stage manager (theater)
reklam/ advertise
rekomend/ recommend
rekompenc/ recompense, make ammends, repay
rekord/ record, best performance
rekrement/ dregs, grounds, residue, leftover matter
rekrut/ recruit
rekt/ straight
rektor/ rector, chancellor (of a college, etc.)
rel/ a rail
relativ/ relative, comparative
relief/ relief (of a map, engraving, etc.)
religi/ religion
rem/ row (verb)
rembur/ stuff, pad, upholster
rempar/ rampart, bulwark, defense wall
ren/ kidney
rendevu/ rendezvous
Renesanc/ the Renaissance
renkont/ meet
rent/ revenue, income
renvers/ upset, knock over
repertuar/ repertoire
reputaci/ reputation, character
respekt/ respect
respektiv/ respective, each's own
respond/ answer, reply
respublik/ republic
rest/ remain
restoraci/ restoracio
ret/ net (a)
retin/ retina
retor/ rhetorician
retorik/ rhetorical
retort/ retort
reŭmatism/ rheumatism
rev/ dream
revelaci/ revelation
revizi/ revise
revizor/ inspector-general
revoluci/ revolution, uprising
revolver/ revolver
revu/ review; magazine, periodical
rezed/ mignonette (type of plant)
rezerv/ reserve, hold back, retain, save
rezign/ resign
rezignaci/ resignation
rezin/ resin
rezist/ resist
rezoluci/ resolution (at a meeting)
rezon/ reason, conclude, draw conclusions
rezult/ result
rezultat/ result
rib/ currant (type of fruit)
ribel/ revolt, rebel
ricev/ receive, get, obtain
ricin/ castor oil plant (type of plant)
riĉ/ rich
rid/ laugh
rif/ reef, ridge of rock
rifuĝ/ take refuge, take shelter
rifuz/ refuse, say "no"
rigard/ look at
rigid/ rigid, stiff
rigl/ bolt
rigor/ rigorous
rikan/ sneer at
rikolt/ harvest, reap
rilat/ relate to, concerned with
rim/ rhyme
rimark/ remark, notice, observe
rimed/ means, method, opportunity
rimen/ strap, leather band
ring/ a ring
rinocer/ rhinoceros
rip/ rib
ripar/ repair, mend
ripet/ repeat
ripoz/ rest, repose
riproĉ/ reproach, blame
risk/ risk, venture, take a chance
rism/ ream (of paper)
risort/ a spring (elastic)
rit/ rite, ceremony
ritm/ rhythm
rivel/ reveal, disclose
river/ river
riverenc/ bow, curtsey
rivolu/ revolve
riz/ rice
ro [liternomo] name of the letter "r"
rob/ robe
robot/ robot
rod/ anchorage, landing-place (maritime)
rojalist/ royalist
rok/ rock, boulder
rokok/ rococo (type of architectural style)
rol/ rôle, part
roman/ novel (work of fiction)
romanc/ romantic song, ballad
romantik/ romantic, imaginative, picturesque
romb/ rhombus
romp/ break
rond/ round, circle
ronĝ/ gnaw, nibble
ronk/ snore
ros/ dew
rosmar/ walrus
rosmaren/ rosemary (type of plant)
rost/ roast
rostr/ trunk (of an elephant, etc.)
rot/ troop, company (of soldiers)
rotaci/ rotate
rotond/ rotunda, circular hall
roz/ rose (type of flower)
rozari/ rosary
rub/ rubbish, trash
ruband/ ribbon, band
ruben/ ruby
rubl/ ruble (Russian money)
rubrik/ rubric; liturgical rule; book heading
rubus/ blackberry (type of plant)
ruĝ/ red
ruin/ ruins, wreckage
rukt/ belch
rul/ roll (verb)
rulet/ roulette
rum/ rum
Ruman/ Romanian
Rus/ [popolnomo] Russian
rust/ rust
rut/ rue (type of plant)
rutin/ routine, regular procedure
ruz/ ruse; cunning, sly


sabat/ Saturday
sabl/ sand
sabr/ saber (type of sword)
sacerdot/ priest
safir/ saphire
safran/ saffron (type of plant)
sag/ arrow
sagac/ sagacious, shrewd, crafty, sharp
sagu/ sago (powdered starch made from sago palm)
saĝ/ wise
sak/ sack
sakr/ sacrum (anatomy)
sakrament/ sacrament
sakristi/ sacristy (room in a church)
saksofon/ saxophone
sal/ salt
salajr/ salary, wages
salamandr/ salamander
salat/ salad
sald/ balance (in accounting)
salik/ willow (type of tree)
salikok/ prawn
saliv/ saliva
salm/ salmon (type of fish)
salon/ drawing room
salpetr/ saltpeter, potassium nitrate
salt/ leap, jump
salut/ salute, greet
salv/ salvo, salute, volley (by firearms)
salvi/ sage (type of plant)
sam/ same
sambuk/ elder (type of tree)
samovar/ samovar, Russian tea urn
san/ healthy
sandal/ sandal
sandviĉ/ sandwich
sang/ blood
sankci/ sanction, official approval
sankt/ sacred, holy
santal/ sandalwood (type of tree)
sap/ soap
sardel/ sardine
sark/ to weed, hoe
sarkasm/ sarcasm
sarkofag/ sarcophagus
sat/ satiated, satisfied, full
Satan/ Satan
satelit/ satellite
saten/ satin
satir/ satire
satrap/ satrap, ancient Persian governor
satur/ saturate
saŭc/ sauce
sav/ save, rescue
scen/ scene
sceptr/ scepter
sci/ know
scienc/ science
sciur/ squirrel
se if
seb/ tallow fat, suet
sed but
seg/ to saw
segment/ segment
seĝ/ chair
sek/ dry
sekal/ rye
sekc/ cut into pieces, dissect
sekci/ section
sekreci/ secretion
sekret/ secret
sekretari/ secretary
seks/ sex
sekt/ sect
sektor/ sector
sekund/ a second (of time or arc)
sekundant/ second (assistant of a duelist)
sekur/ secure, safe
sekv/ follow
sel/ saddle
selakt/ whey
sem/ seed
semafor/ semaphore
semajn/ week
seminari/ seminary
sen without
senat/ senate
senc/ sense, meaning
send/ send
sens/ sense (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell)
sensaci/ sensation, intense commotion or interest
sent/ feel, perceive
sentenc/ short, pithy, wise saying
sentimental/ sentimental
sep seven
sepi/ cuttlefish (type of marine animal)
Septembr/ September
septet/ septet
seraf/ seraphim (an order of angels)
serajl/ seraglio, sultan's harem (part of house)
serĉ/ search
seren/ serene, calm
serenad/ serenade
serĝent/ sergeant
seri/ series
serioz/ serious
serpent/ serpent, snake
serur/ lock (fastening)
serv/ serve
servic/ set of dishes, plates, etc.
servut/ servitude, bondage
ses six
sesi/ session
sever/ severe, hard, harsh, strict
sevrug/ stellated sturgeon (type of fish)
sezon/ season
sfer/ sphere
sfinks/ sphinx
sfinkter/ sphincter muscle
si one's self
sibl/ hiss, wheeze, whizz
sid/ sit
sieĝ/ besiege, beleaguer
sifilis/ syphilis
sifon/ syphon
sigel/ seal (verb)
sign/ sign, mark, token
signal/ signal
signif/ signify, mean
silab/ syllable
silent/ be silent
silici/ silicon
silik/ flint
silk/ silk
silogism/ syllogism
siluet/ silhouette
silur/ shad-fish (type of fish)
silvi/ warbler (type of bird)
simbol/ symbol
simetri/ symmetry
simfoni/ symphony
simi/ ape, monkey
simil/ similar, alike
simpati/ like, affinity, instinctive attraction
simpl/ simple
simptom/ symptom
sin/ bosom, breast
sinagog/ synagogue
sinap/ mustard plant
sincer/ sincere
sindikat/ syndicate
Sinedri/ Sanhedrin (Jewish tribunal)
singular/ singular (grammar)
singult/ hiccough
sinjor/ Sir, Mr.
sinkop/ syncope, faint
sinod/ synod, council (of a church)
sinonim/ synonym
sinoptik/ synoptic, giving a comprehensive mental view
sintaks/ syntax
sintez/ synthesis
siren/ siren
Siri/ Syria
siring/ lilac (type of plant)
sirop/ syrup
sistem/ system
sitel/ bucket, pail
situ/ situation, position, site
situaci/ circumstances, state of affairs, situation
skabi/ scabies (contagious skin condition)
skadr/ squadron
skal/ scale (measure, musical, etc.)
skalp/ scalp
skan/ scan
skandal/ scandal
skapol/ shoulder-blade
skarab/ beetle
skarlat/ scarlet
skarlatin/ scarlet fever (type of disease)
skarp/ scarf
skatol/ box, case
skeĉ/ sketch (theater)
skelet/ skeleton
skem/ scheme, systematic arrangement, layout
skeptik/ sceptical
skerc/ scherzo (type of musical composition)
skerm/ fence, fight with swords
ski/ ski
skism/ schism
skiz/ sketch, draft, outline
sklav/ slave
skol/ school (of thought, etc.)
skolastik/ scholasticism
skolop/ woodcock (type of bird)
skolt/ scout
skorbut/ scurvy
skorpi/ scorpion
skorzoner/ Scorzonera (genus of plant)
skrap/ shave, scrape, graze
skrib/ write
skrofol/ scrofula (type of disease)
skrupul/ scruple, conscientious objection
sku/ shake (verb)
skulpt/ sculpt, carve
skurĝ/ scourge (type of whip)
skvam/ scale (of a fish, etc.)
sled/ sled, sleigh
slip/ slip (of paper), index card
smerald/ emerald
so [liternomo] name of the letter "s"
sobr/ sober
soci/ society, body, community, the public
social/ relating to socialism
societ/ society, community, association, club, group
sociolog/ sociologist
sociologi/ sociology
sod/ soda (sodium carbonate)
sof/ sofa
Sofi/ [virina nomo] Sofia
sofism/ sophism, fallacy, false reasoning
sofist/ sophist
soif/ thirst
sojl/ threshold, doorstep
sokl/ socle, base, bottom, pedestal, support
sol/ only, alone
sold/ sol (French money)
soldat/ soldier
sole/ sole (type of fish)
solecism/ solecism, blunder, offence against standard
solen/ solemn
solid/ solid
solidar/ jointly liable and responsible
solist/ soloist
solv/ dissolve
solvent/ solvent
somer/ summer
somnambul/ somnambulist, sleepwalker
son/ sound
sonat/ sonata
sond/ take soundings, measure depth
sonet/ sonnet
sonĝ/ dream
sonor/ ring, give out a sound (as a bell)
sopir/ long for, yearn
sopran/ soprano, treble
sorb/ absorb, soak up
sorĉ/ bewitch, practice witchcraft
sorg/ sorghum (type of grain)
sorik/ shrew-mouse (type of animal)
sorp/ service tree
sort/ fate, destiny, lot, luck
sortiment/ assortment
sovaĝ/ savage, wild
spac/ space, room, extent
spad/ type of straight sword
spalir/ espalier
spat/ spar (min.)
spec/ kind, species
special/ special
specif/ specify
specimen/ specimen
spegul/ mirror
spekt/ watch (verb)
spektakl/ spectacle, entertainment, show
spektr/ spectrum
spekulaci/ to speculate (as in finance)
spekulativ/ speculative, conjectural, hypothetical
sperm/ sperm
spert/ experienced
spez/ exchange money
spic/ spice
spik/ ear, head (of corn, etc.)
spin/ spine, backbone
spinac/ spinach
spion/ a spy
spir/ breathe
spiral/ spiral, coil
spirit/ spirit
spiritist/ spiritist
spiritualism/ spiritualism
spiritualist/ spiritualist
spit/ act in defiance of, defy, flout
splen/ deep depression, blues, melancholy
split/ splinter, chip, flake, shaving
sponde/ spondee (type of verse)
spong/ sponge
spontane/ spontaneous
sport/ sport, outdoors recreation
sprit/ witty, quick-witted, clever
spron/ spur (for a horse, etc.)
spur/ spoor, footprint, mark, scent, track, trace
sput/ spit, cough up (blood, phlegm, etc.)
stab/ staff officers (military)
stabil/ stable
stabl/ trestle, work bench; object holding something stable
staci/ station, depot (e.g. railroad)
stadi/ stage, period, phase of development
stadion/ stadium
stagn/ stagnate
stal/ stable, stall, shed
stalagmit/ stalagmite
stalaktit/ stalactite
stamen/ stamen (part of a flower)
stamp/ stamp (with a die, etc.)
stan/ tin
standard/ standard, flag, banner
stang/ pole, rod
star/ to stand
start/ start, depart, leave
stat/ state, condition
statistik/ statistics
statu/ statue
statur/ stature, height
statut/ statute
stearin/ stearin (type of chemical)
steb/ to quilt
Stefan/ Steven
stel/ star
stenograf/ stenographer
stenografi/ stenography
step/ steppe, sandy plain
stereofoni/ stereophony
sterk/ dung, manure
sterled/ sterlet (type of fish)
stern/ lay, spread out (on the ground, etc.)
stertor/ to rattle (in the throat)
stil/ style
stimul/ stimulate
stip/ stipa grass (type of plant)
stipendi/ stipend, grant, scholarship
stir/ steer (verb)
stof/ stofe (Russian measure)
stoik/ stoic
stok/ stock, goods for sale
stomak/ stomach
stopl/ stubble
strab/ squint
strang/ strange, bizarre
strangol/ strangle
strat/ street
strategi/ strategy
streb/ strive
streĉ/ stretch, strain
strek/ make a line, streak, or stroke
stri/ stripe, band
strig/ owl
strigl/ to groom (a horse, etc.)
strik/ strike (labor)
striknin/ strychnine
strof/ verse
struktur/ structure, construction
strut/ ostrich
stud/ study, do research on
student/ student (of a college etc.)
stuk/ stucco (type of plaster)
stult/ foolish
stump/ stump, stub
stup/ type of twisted fibers used for caulking
sturg/ sturgeon (type of fish)
sturn/ starling (type of bird)
sub under, beneath, below
subit/ sudden
subjekt/ subject (grammar)
subjektiv/ subjective
subjunktiv/ subjunctive mood (grammar)
sublimat/ corrosive sublimate (type of substance)
substanc/ substance
substantiv/ noun, substantive
subtil/ subtle, delicate, light
subtrah/ subtract
subvenci/ subsidy, grant (money)
suĉ/ suck
sud/ south
Sudan/ Sudan
sufer/ suffer
sufiĉ/ sufficient, enough
sufiks/ suffix
suflor/ prompt, supply with needed words
sufok/ suffocate
sugest/ suggest
sugesti/ suggest by hypnotic influence
suk/ juice; sap
sukcen/ amber (type of substance)
sukces/ succeed
suker/ sugar
sulfur/ sulphur
sulk/ furrow, wrinkle, groove
sultan/ sultan
sum/ sum
sun/ sun
sup/ soup
super over, above
superlativ/ superlative
superstiĉ/ superstition
suplement/ supplement
supoz/ suppose
supr/ top, summit
sur upon, on
surd/ deaf
surfac/ surface
surpriz/ surprise
surtut/ overcoat
suspekt/ suspicion, suspect
susur/ rustle, buzz, murmur
sutan/ cassock (type of clerical garment)
svarm/ swarm
svat/ act as matchmaker
Sved/ Swede
sven/ faint, swoon
sving/ to swing


ŝaf/ sheep
ŝah/ shah
ŝajn/ seem
ŝak/ chess
ŝakal/ jackal
ŝal/ shawl
ŝalm/ reed-pipe; drinking straw
ŝalt/ switch on, turn on (verb)
ŝalup/ launch, long boat
ŝam/ chamois-leather
ŝanc/ chance, undesigned occurrence
ŝancel/ shake, rock, cause to totter
ŝanĝ/ change
ŝankr/ canker
ŝarad/ charade
ŝarg/ charge, load (a gun, etc.)
ŝarĝ/ charge, load (a ship, etc.)
ŝark/ shark
ŝat/ enjoy, appreciate
ŝaŭm/ foam
ŝel/ shell, peel, bark
ŝelk/ brace, sling
ŝenopraz/ chives
ŝerc/ joke
ŝi she
ŝild/ shield
ŝiling/ shilling (British money)
Ŝiller/ name of q German author
ŝim/ mold, blight
ŝind/ shingle (roofing)
ŝink/ ham
ŝip/ ship
ŝir/ tear, rip, pull apart
ŝirm/ protect, guard, screen
ŝlim/ slime, mire, mud
ŝlos/ lock, fasten
ŝmac/ to smack the lips
ŝmir/ smear, spread
ŝnur/ string, cord, rope
ŝo [liternomo] name of the letter "ŝ"
ŝofor/ chauffeur
ŝok/ shock
ŝose/ highway
ŝov/ shove, push, thrust
ŝovel/ shovel
ŝovinism/ chauvinism
ŝovinist/ chauvinist
ŝpar/ save, keep for future use
ŝpat/ spade
ŝpin/ spin
ŝpruc/ spirt out, gush forth
ŝrank/ cupboard
ŝrapnel/ shrapnel
ŝraŭb/ screw
ŝrump/ shrivel up, wilt
ŝtal/ steel
ŝtat/ state (realm), nation
ŝtel/ steal
ŝtip/ block, log
ŝtof/ fabric, textile
ŝton/ stone
ŝtop/ stop up, plug up
ŝtorm/ storm
ŝtrump/ stocking
ŝtup/ stair, step
ŝu/ shoe
ŝuld/ to be in debt, owe
ŝultr/ shoulder
ŝut/ pour out (solids)
ŝveb/ hover
ŝvel/ swell
ŝvit/ sweat, perspire


tabak/ tobacco
taban/ gadfly (type of insect)
tabel/ table (in a book, etc.), index
tabl/ table
tabul/ board, plank
taburet/ stool, small backless seat
taĉment/ detachment (troops)
taft/ taffeta (type of textile)
tag/ day
tajl/ cut out, fashion, shape
tajlor/ tailor
tajp/ type (by typewriter)
taks/ judge, estimate, value, appraise
taksi/ taxi
taksus/ yew (type of tree)
takt/ time, rhythm (in music)
taktik/ tactics
talent/ talent, aptitude
taler/ thaler (German money)
tali/ figure, waist
talisman/ talisman lucky charm
talk/ talc
Talmud/ Talmud (book of Jewish civil law)
talp/ mole (type of animal)
tambur/ drum
tamburin/ tamborine
tamen however, nevertheless
tamtam/ tom-tom (type of drum)
tan/ tan (hide, etc.)
tandem/ tandem
tangent/ tangent
tanin/ tannin (type of substance)
tank/ tank (military)
tapet/ tapestry, wall hanging
tapiok/ tapioca
tapir/ tapir
tapiŝ/ carpet
tarantel/ tarantella (type of dance)
tarantul/ tarantula
tarif/ tariff
tarok/ tarot (cards used for fortune telling)
tas/ cup
task/ task, job
tatu/ tattoo
taŭg/ be fit for, be of use
tavol/ layer, stratum
te/ tea
teatr/ theater
ted/ bore, weary, annoy
teg/ to cover (wholly)
tegment/ roof
tegol/ tile
teĥnik/ technique
teism/ theism
teist/ theist
teknik/ technique
teks/ weave
tekst/ text, wording
telefon/ telephone
telegraf/ telegraph
telegram/ telegram
telepati/ telepathy
teler/ plate
teleskop/ telescope
televid/ television (the medium)
tem/ theme, topic
temp/ time
temperament/ temperament
temperatur/ temperature
tempest/ tempest, wind storm
tempi/ temple (of forehead)
templ/ temple, place of worship
ten/ hold, grasp
tend/ tent
tenden/ tendon
tendenc/ tendency
tener/ tender, affectionate
teni/ tape-worm
tenis/ tennis
tenor/ tenor
tent/ tempt
Teodor/ Theodore
teokrat/ theocrat
teokrati/ theocracy
teolog/ theologian
teologi/ theology
teorem/ theorem
teori/ theory
ter/ earth
terapi/ therapy
teras/ terrace
tercet/ tercet (in verse)
terebint/ turpentine
teren/ terrain, ground, land
teritori/ territory
termin/ term, technical name
termit/ termite
termometr/ thermometer
tern/ sneeze
terur/ terror, horror, fright
test/ test
testament/ testament
testik/ testicle
testud/ tortoise
tetan/ tetanus
tetr/ grouse (type of bird)
tetra/ hazel grouse (type of bird)
tez/ thesis, proposition
tia such, that kind of
tial therefore, for that reason
tiam then
tiar/ tiara (type of crown)
tibi/ tibia, shin bone
tie there
tiel thus, so; in that way
ties that one's
tif/ typhus
tig/ stem, stalk (of a plant); shaft
tigr/ tiger
tikl/ tickle
tili/ lime-tree
tim/ fear
timian/ thyme
timon/ shaft, pole
tindr/ tinder (type of wood)
tine/ moth
tink/ tench (type of fish)
tinktur/ tincture, dye, stain
tint/ chink, clank, jingle
tio that (thing)
tiom so much, that quantity
tip/ type, character, specimen
tipograf/ typographer
tipografi/ typography
tir/ draw, pull, drag
tiran/ tyrant
titan/ titan
titol/ title
tiu that (one) (person or thing)
to [liternomo] name of the letter "t"
tog/ toga
tol/ linen (material)
toler/ tolerate
tomat/ tomato
tomb/ tomb, grave
tombak/ pinchbeck (an allow of copper and zinc)
ton/ tone, sound
tond/ clip, shear
tondr/ thunder
tonel/ register ton (100 cubic feet)
tonsil/ tonsil
tonsur/ tonsure (shaven part of head worn by clerics)
topaz/ topaz
topograf/ topographer
topografi/ topography
torĉ/ torch
tord/ twist, wind
toreador/ toreador, mounted bullfighter
torent/ torrent, swift rushing stream
torf/ peat, turf, sod
torn/ turn (on a lathe)
tornistr/ knapsack
torped/ torpedo
tors/ torso, trunk
tort/ tart, fruit pie
tortur/ torture
tost/ toast, propose (drink to)
tra through (place)
trab/ beam (of wood), girder
tradici/ tradition
traduk/ translate
traf/ hit the mark (goal)
trafik/ traffic
tragedi/ tragedy
tragik/ tragic
tragikomedi/ tragicomedy
traĥe/ trachea, windpipe
trajn/ train, series of objects in a line
trajt/ trait, feature, characteristic, feature
trakt/ transact, treat of (a subject), deal with
traktat/ treaty, agreement
traktor/ tractor
tram/ tram, streetcar
tranĉ/ cut, cleave
trankvil/ tranquil, quiet
trans across
transept/ transept (part of a church)
transistor/ transistor
transit/ transit (passage through a country)
transitiv/ transitive
trapez/ trapeze
tre very
tref/ club (in cards)
trejn/ train, coach, drill
trem/ tremble, quake, shake
tremol/ aspen (type of tree)
tremp/ dip, immerse, plunge
tren/ drag, haul, pull, tow
tret/ tread (verb)
trezor/ treasure, hoard, savings
tri three
trib/ tribe
tribun/ tribune; Roman leader; speaker's platform
tribunal/ tribunal, court of justice
tribut/ tribute
trigonometri/ trigonometry
trik/ knit
trikot/ knitted fabric
tril/ trill (in music)
trink/ drink
trip/ tripe, bowels, entrails
tritik/ wheat
triumf/ triumph, victory
trivial/ trivial, trifling; vulgar, base, common
tro too
trofe/ trophy, spoils
trog/ trough
tromb/ waterspout
trombon/ trombone
tromp/ deceive, cheat
tron/ throne
trop/ trope, figure of speech
tropik/ tropic
trot/ trot
trotuar/ pavement, sidewalk
trov/ find
tru/ hole
trud/ intrude, obtrude, impose
truf/ truffle (type of plant)
trul/ trowel
trumpet/ trumpet
trunk/ trunk, stem
trup/ troop, band, company, team (military)
trust/ trust, organized syndicate (in business)
trut/ trout (type of fish)
tualet/ groom, dress and tidy one's self
tub/ tube, pipe
tuber/ tuber, bump, swelling
tuberkul/ tubercle, nodule (in medicine)
tuberkuloz/ tuberculosis
tuf/ tuft, plume; wisp
tuj immediately
tuk/ a cloth
tukan/ toucan
tul/ tulle (type of cloth)
tulip/ tulip
tumor/ tumor
tumult/ tumult, commotion, uproar
tun/ ton (weight)
tunel/ tunnel
tunik/ tunic
Tunizi/ Tunisia
tur/ tower
turb/ top (type of toy)
turban/ turban
turbin/ turbine
turd/ thrush (type of bird)
turism/ tourism
turist/ tourist
Turk/ [popolnomo] Turk
turkis/ turquoise
turment/ torment
turn/ to turn
turnir/ tournament
turt/ turtle dove (type of bird)
tus/ cough
tuŝ/ touch
tut/ whole, entire, total


-u [finaĵo] ending of the imperative in verbs
u [liternomo] name of the letter "u"
uj/ [sufikso] container
ukaz/ ukase, edict of czarist government
ul/ [sufikso] person noted for…
ulan/ uhlan (cavalryman with lance)
ulcer/ ulcer
ulm/ elm (type of tree)
uln/ ell (cloth measure = 45 in); ulna (anatomy)
ultimat/ ultimatum
um/ [sufikso] this suffix with no fixed meaning
umbilik/ umbilicus, navel
unc/ ounce
ung/ nail (of finger or toe)
uni/ union
uniform/ uniform (type of dress)
unik/ unique
unison/ unison
univers/ universe
universal/ universal
universitat/ university
unu one
ur/ aurochs (type of extinct wild ox)
uragan/ hurricane
urb/ town
urĝ/ urge
urin/ urine
urn/ urn
urogal/ capercailie (type of bird)
urs/ bear (type of animal)
urtik/ nettle (type of plant)
Urugvaj/ Uruguay
-us [finaĵo] ending of the conditional in verbs
Uson/ United States of America
uter/ womb, uterus
util/ useful
utopi/ utopia
uvertur/ overture (in music)
uz/ to use, to employ
uzur/ usury
uzurp/ usurp


ŭo [liternomo] name of the letter "ŭ"


vad/ wade, splash
vafl/ wafer, thin cake, waffle
vag/ wander, drift, rove
vagin/ vagina
vagon/ wagon, carriage, car (for transporting people or cargo)
vak/ vacant
vakcin/ vaccine
vakcini/ bilberry (type of plant)
vaks/ wax
vaku/ vacuum
val/ valley
valid/ valid
valiz/ valise, suitcase
valor/ value, worth
vals/ waltz
valut/ value of paper money
vampir/ vampire
van/ vain, futile
vand/ partition
vanel/ lapwing (type of bird)
vang/ cheek
vanil/ vanilla (type of plant and spice)
vant/ vain, empty, frivolous, futile
vapor/ vapor, steam
var/ ware, article of commerce
varb/ enlist, enroll
vari/ vary, undergo change
variant/ variant; variable (math)
variol/ smallpox
varm/ warm, hot
Varsovi/ Warsaw
vart/ nurse, tend, look after (e.g. children)
vasal/ vassal, humble servant
vast/ vast, wide, extensive
Vaŝington/ Washington
vat/ wadding
vaz/ vase, vessel
vazelin/ vaseline, petroleum jelly
ve woe!
veget/ vegetate
vegetal/ plant (as in botant)
vegetar/ vegetarian
vejn/ vein
vek/ wake, arouse
vekt/ beam (of scales, balances, etc.)
vel/ a sail (e.g. of a ship)
velen/ vellum, animal skin used for books
velk/ droop, fade, wither
velociped/ velocipede
velur/ velvet
ven/ come
vend/ sell
vendred/ Friday
venen/ poison
Venezuel/ Venezuela
venĝ/ take revenge, avenge
venk/ conquer
vent/ wind (moving air)
ventol/ ventilate
ventr/ belly, abdomen
ver/ true, truth
verand/ veranda (roofed open gallery)
verb/ verb
verben/ vervain (type of plant)
verd/ green
verdigr/ verdigris (type of chemical)
verdikt/ verdict
verg/ rod, stick, staff
verk/ work (literary)
verm/ worm
vermiĉel/ vermicelli
vermut/ vermouth (type of alcoholic beverage)
vers/ verse
versi/ version
verst/ verst (Russian unit of distance, about 2/3 mile)
verŝ/ pour
vert/ top of head, crown
vertebr/ vertebra
vertic/ vertex, apex
vertikal/ vertical
veruk/ wart, gnarl, knobby growth on tree
verv/ verve, spirit, vim, zest
vesp/ wasp
vesper/ evening
vespert/ bat (type of animal)
vest/ to clothe, to dress
vestibl/ vestibule, lobby
veŝt/ vest,waistcoat
vet/ bet, wager
veter/ weather
veteran/ veteran
veterinar/ veterinarian
vetur/ journey, travel (by vehicle)
vezik/ bladder; blister; bubble
vezir/ vizier (type of Turkish minister)
vi you
viadukt/ viaduct
viand/ meat, flesh
vibr/ vibrate
viburn/ viburnum (type of plant)
vic/ row, file, rank, turn
vid/ see
vidv/ widower
vigl/ animated, spirited, quick, sprightly
vikari/ deputy; vicarious
viktim/ victim
vil/ villus; tuft of hair on fruit, plant, skin, etc.
vilaĝ/ village
Vilhelm/ Wilhelm
vin/ wine
vinagr/ vinegar
vind/ swaddle, wind around, wrap around
vinjet/ vignette, ornamental border
vink/ periwinkle (type of plant)
vinkt/ clip, fastner
vintr/ winter
viol/ violet (type of flower)
violon/ violin
violonĉel/ violoncello
vip/ whip, lash
viper/ viper (type of snake)
vipur/ viper (type of snake)
vir/ man, male
virg/ virgin, chaste
virt/ virtue, moral excellence
virtual/ virtual
virtuoz/ virtuoso, brilliant performer
virus/ virus
visk/ mistletoe (type of plant)
viski/ whisky
vist/ whist (type of card game)
viŝ/ wipe
vit/ vine
vitamin/ vitamin
vitr/ glass (type of substance)
vitriol/ vitriol (sulphuric acid)
viv/ live, be alive
vivisekci/ vivisection, dissection of a living animal
viz/ visa
vizaĝ/ face
vizi/ vision, apparition, imagined supernatural appearance
vizier/ visor
vizit/ visit
vo [liternomo] name of the letter "v"
voĉ/ voice
vodk/ vodka
voj/ way, road
vojaĝ/ voyage
vok/ call
vokal/ vowel
vokativ/ vocative case (grammar)
vol/ will, choose
volont/ willingly
volum/ volume (as of a book)
volumen/ volume (space occupied)
volupt/ voluptuous, sensual
volv/ wind, wrap around, roll
vom/ vomit
vort/ word
vost/ tail
vual/ veil
vulgar/ vulgar, common, everyday
vulkan/ volcano
vulp/ fox
vultur/ vulture
vulv/ vulva
vund/ wound


Zamenhof/ Zamenhof (author of Esperanto)
zebr/ zebra
zefir/ zephyr, soft light wind
zenit/ zenith
zibel/ sable (type of animal)
zigzag/ zigzag
zingibr/ ginger (type of plant and spice)
zink/ zinc
zip/ zipper
zizel/ souslik (type of animal)
zo [liternomo] name of the letter "z"
zodiak/ zodiac
zon/ belt, girdle, waistband
zoolog/ zoologist
zoologi/ zoology
zorg/ care for, attend to, look after
zuav/ zouave, African infantryman
zum/ hum, buzz