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Esperanto makes frequent use of prefixes and suffixes to form words. This allows a large vocabulary of words to be built up easily from a relatively small number of root words. Any of these affixes may be used in any combination with any root with which it makes sense.

Esperanto Prefixes

 Prefix   Translation 
 bo-   -in-law 
 dis-   dis- (scattering) 
 ek-   sudden or momentary action 
 eks-   ex- 
 fi-   shameful, nasty 
 ge-   of both sexes 
 mal-   opposite 
 mis-   mis- (wrongly) 
 pra-   ancient 
 re-   re- 

Esperanto Suffixes

 Suffix   Translation 
 -aĉ   contemptible 
 -ad   frequent or continuous action
 -aĵ   substance 
 -an   member 
 -ar   collection of 
 -ĉj   male affectionate suffix 
 -ebl   possibility 
 -ec   abstract quality; -ness 
 -eg   of great size or degree 
 -ej   place 
 -em   tending to 
 -end   something that must be done 
 -er   single, individual, unit 
 -estr   leader 
 -et   of small size or degree 
 -id   offspring 
 -ig   causing something to be 
 -iĝ   becoming something 
 -il   instrument; tool 
 -ind   worthy of 
 -ing   holder for an object 
 -in   feminine suffix 
 -ism   -ism 
 -ist   -ist 
 -nj   female affectionate suffix 
 -obl   times (with numbers) 
 -on   fraction (with numbers) 
 -op   together (with numbers) 
 -uj   container 
 -ul   person possessing a certain quality 
 -um   indefinite suffix 

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