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Esperanto is an international language, developed by Dr. L.L. Zamenhof in 1887. It is used as a common second language, allowing people around the world to communicate easily. Esperanto is a very elegantly and logically constructed language, and very easy to learn compared to other languages.

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LIBREJO - Electronic books in Esperanto

STUDOJ - Esperanto Language Studies

A Description of Esperanto

A summary of the general features is of Esperanto is given here.


Sample Text

Here are some samples of Esperanto text:

Scientific Information

Free Esperanto Course

The Esperanto League for North America (ELNA) offers a free ten-lesson postal course in Esperanto. If you would like to try it, click here (include name and postal mailing address).

Esperanto Software

Program eoletters.f90 is a Fortran program that will convert accented Esperanto letters in an ASCII text file from any one of six conventions to another:
  1. h-convention (ch, gh, hh, jh, sh, u)
  2. x-convention (cx, gx, hx, jx, sx, ux)
  3. HTML Unicode
  4. LaTeX (^c, ^g, ^h, ^j, ^s, ^u)
  5. ISO-8859-3 (Latin-3) encoding
  6. UTF-8 encoding

Esperanto Poster

This is a poster I made for "Hot Dogs and Hobbies Day" at work (a day for employees to showcase interesting and unusual hobbies). This poster was displayed in June 2006.


On-Line Resources

Learning Esperanto

Esperanto Reference

Esperanto Organizations

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Esperanto Television

Esperanto Literature

Places to Buy Esperanto Books

Miscellaneous Esperanto Links

Contact Information

I may be contacted at:

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